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One of the more professional ceiling fan company. Their prices are very reasonable and i must say that they are very efficient with their ceiling fan installation. Highly recommended.
Mr Steven (Haig Road)
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The Danger of Selecting a Random Ceiling Fan Company
A ceiling fan cools the surrounding air while the air conditioner lowers the temperature of the surrounding air. Furthermore, an air conditioner is mounted on the side of the wall while the ceiling fan is installed directly above us and onto the ceiling.

This direct mounting and placement of the ceiling fan may pose a hazard and danger to the users if they have randomly selected a ceiling fan company to install the ceiling fan. Also, the very fact that there rotating blades are a necessity in ceiling fans make it one appliance which definitely cannot be installed incorrectly. If a random ceiling fan company does a slipshod work of installing it, there are seriously some dangerous repercussions to that as there will be an increased possibility of the ceiling fan coming loose and imagine what will happen if there are people under it when the ceiling fan falls. Oh, the horror! This danger is immaterial of how the ceiling fan looks like or what it is made up of but all hinges on the quality of the installation.

Due to the above danger mentioned, it is thus essential to not randomly select a ceiling fan company available or one that offers discounts and incentives to attract customers.
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The Importance of Choosing a Reliable Ceiling Fan Company
On the flipside, rather than selecting a random ceiling fan company, it is then good and beneficial for the user to choose a reliable ceiling fan company to do the installation. As per mentioned in the above article, installing a ceiling fan improperly may result in a dangerous accident happening. Thus, it is vital to choose a trustworthy and reliable ceiling fan company to do the job to ensure that no such accident will occur.

Therefore, for the above reasons, it is important to choose a reliable ceiling fan company.
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Why Choose Us To Supply & Install your Home or Office Ceiling Fan & Lighting?
Ceiling fans have been in the market for decades. Everyone knows that energy costs are continually rising. Using a ceiling fan is an advantage as it able to lower your premise’s temperature which in turn saves energy and money, at the same times; it is decorative and functional to your premises. Singapore Ceiling Fans are your one-stop service provider for all your electrical and environmental needs. Singapore Ceiling Fans swiftly garnered a sound reputation within Singapore’s industry and among its clientele.

We offer the utmost competitive price and we are dedicated to provide only excellent and quality service with innovative design for all our clients at affordable rates. We offer an extensive range of quality products such as fans, lighting and other related fixtures and constantly upgrade ourselves as we hope to present the latest and best designs of ceiling fans everyone would desire to own.

We offer far more than what we have put in our website, do not hesitate to contact us if you do not find what you are looking for! Our friendly sales support will be more than happy to render our services.

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We are Specialists in  Ceiling Fan, Ceiling Fan with Lights, Designer Ceiling Fan, Bladeless Ceiling Fan & Lightings
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Ceiling Fan, Ceiling Fan with Lights, Designer Ceiling Fan, Bladeless Ceiling Fan & Lightings
I just got my keys for my condo and i was recommended by my colleague Albert to get a quote from them. Indeed, they got many ceiling fan designs to choose from and i am very impressed with their rates and service. Keep up the superb work guys.
Mr & Mrs Chew (Punggol)
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