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5 Most Important Things To Know Before Picking Your Ceiling Fan

Although almost every household in Singapore has an air-conditioner thanks to the country’s treacherous weather, lots of Singaporeans are however increasingly turning to ceiling fans after discovering just how cost effective ceiling fans are compared to air conditioners not to mention the many benefits these appliances offer. First, a ceiling fan will not just cool down your house but it will also help lower your electricity consumption significantly and further give you better comfort as well.

Picking Your Ceiling Fan

Secondly, a ceiling fan is a more energy efficient alternative to an air conditioner in the sense that it operates using lesser electricity, thus making it an excellent choice for homeowners keen on saving on their daily electricity consumption so as to bring down their overall energy bills. But like with anything else, ceiling fans aren’t made equal. Again, with numerous types and models of ceiling fans already in the market, then lots of Singaporeans can find it confusing to pick the ceiling fans that best suit their air-cooling needs. Nevertheless, this doesn’t suggest that one can’t find a great ceiling fan for their needs. In fact, choosing a ceiling fan can be surprisingly easy granted you know what to look for in a ceiling fan.

Here are 5 most important things to know prior to choosing your ceiling fan.
1. Is the model energy-efficient?

Living in Singapore’s hot and humid climate requires one to have their ceiling fan turned on almost throughout the day. Although it is widely known that ceiling fans are more energy-efficient than air conditioners, there are still some types and models of ceiling fans especially the older versions that require more electrical power . That is why you should find out how energy-efficient that ceiling fan you are about to purchase is. If possible, always choose your ceiling fan from the models that come with energy-saving DC motors. These models are known to save 60 to 70% electrical energy, thus helping lower your overall monthly energy bills. Some of the popular energy-saving ceiling fans such as Aerahaus Aeraton AE3 and Relite Helix consume electrical energy equivalent to energy-saving bulbs. To find out how energy-efficient a ceiling fan is, look whether it has an Energy Star Label. If it doesn’t have this label, then you shouldn’t expect your energy bills to come down especially during those hot days when the fan has to be turned on throughout the day.

2. The amount of noise produced by the ceiling fan

Nothing can be more distracting and irritating than having a noisy ceiling fan whirring above your head. Although most ceiling fans emit an acceptable amount of noise thanks to the air turbulence, there are however some cheap models that are quite noisy while in operation. Therefore, test the model you are about to buy to find the amount of noise it produces prior to purchasing it. Again, do a bit of research on some of the most silent efficient ceiling fans on the market and then pick the model that best fits your budget and performance needs. With so many models such as AE3 ceiling fans available on the market, then finding the most silent model for you home can be such an easy task. Moreover, always pick silent-operating fans for bedrooms and other rooms in your home where silence is greatly required.

Picking Your Ceiling Fan

3. Size of your rooms

Space is a crucial factor to consider when picking your ceiling fan. In fact, it is the space you have that will determine the actual size of the ceiling fan to install in each room of your home. Considering that ceiling fans don’t come in one-size-fits-all, then you have to pick the right size for each room. Bigger rooms will definitely require bigger fans for maximum cooling, while smaller rooms can do just fine with small-sized fans. But there are variations in both big and small-sized fans, and thus it is imperative you know the exact size of every room so that you can get a fan that properly fits into each room at the same time providing the best cooling possible.

4. Look at the features

Though the features of a ceiling fan vary from one model to the other, there are however some basic features that a standard model shouldn’t lack. It always helps to look at the features of a particular model, thanks to the fact that the more features a model has, the more versatile and effective it is. Here are some of the most important features to look for in a ceiling fan before making a purchase.

Blade material

most ceiling fans have wooden blades while others have stainless steel, plastic and aluminium blades. Though there isn’t much difference in the cooling ability between ceiling fans with different blade material, fans with stainless steel blades tend to be more durable. Again, fans with plastic or wooden blades are overly quieter and thus they are an excellent choice for bedrooms. Besides blade material, you should also look at the number of blades that a ceiling fan has. For maximum cooling especially in larger living spaces such as in living rooms, it is recommended you go for a fan with at least 5 blades. Smaller spaces can do perfectly fine with a 3-blade ceiling fan.

Picking Your Ceiling Fan

Ease of use

when it comes to ease of use, remote-controlled ceiling fans are by far the easiest to use, as opposed to the older versions of fans that are operated with a pull-cord dangling from the ceiling fan itself. Remote-controlled fans aren’t just easy to use, but they are also the easiest to change settings whenever you please.


the fact that a ceiling fan has a limited warranty under its belt serves as a clear sign that its manufacturer has full confidence in its performance, and thus they are willing to make a refund just in case the model breaks down because the warrant duration has timed out. Therefore, it is prudent you go for a model with a limited warranty. Always aim at purchasing the model with the longest warranty period when shopping for your ceiling fan.

5. The style of the ceiling fan

Ceiling fans are available in a wide array of styles. For instance, there are standard ceiling fans, low profile ceiling fans and ceiling fans with lights. No matter which style you pick, it needs to properly complement the décor of your house. That way, you can have a fan that is cooling your house during those extremely hot afternoons while at the same time promoting the esthetic value of your house.


A ceiling fan is an invaluable appliance for any Singaporean household and a cost-effective alternative to the costly air conditioner. However, there is more to purchasing a ceiling fan than just having a budget to purchase one and knowing where to shop for one. As such, do whatever it takes to ensure you pick the best model for your home especially now that you are already acquainted with most important things to look for in a ceiling fan.

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