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5 Ways Ceiling Fan Can Save Energy

Five ways a ceiling fan can save energy

Ceiling fans can definitely save you a lot of energy and with energy saved you are sure to cut on your bills. This would certainly go very well with the current financial upheavals. According to research, the amount of energy saved in the winter can actually go as high as fourty percent and even in the summers, a good fan can still save you over ten percent energy.
five ways how it works.

Ways Ceiling Fan Can Save Energy

So then how do you ensure that your ceiling fans save you maximum energy within your apartment?

The higher the efficiency of the fan, the more it can save on energy. This one though is well out of your control once you have done the buying part. The advice is to look for the best the next time you need one. Statistics show that some of the HIGH-EFFICIENCY fans could save you more up to fifty percent of the energy that would have been required for a convectional ceiling fan.

Use ceiling fans alongside programmable thermostats-
Whenever you have to go to work, set the system so that it automatically goes off shortly after you leave. If for example you go to work at 8.00 am, the setting it to go off at 8.05 am would make much sense. The idea is not that you can't switch it off by yourself, its because once in a while you are sure to leave hurriedly and without an automated switch off, the bills go up and up till you are back. The thermostats can also be programmed so that they turn on automatically just shortly before you are back.

Install the fan properly-

If you can't do it well on your own which is the likely case if you are not an electrician, hire an installer. Whenever these little things are involved, its easiest to mess. You might as well end up loosing so much if you decide that your incorrect installation is not the end of the world. The device has how it should revolve during the winter (clockwise) so that it directs warm air up and (counters clockwise) in the summer to direct the cool air downwards. For any one already struggling to understand these two conditions, a qualified installer has to do the job for you.

When not in use, the fan should be off- that's a rule. If you have the programmable thermostat its ok but if you don't have one yet, you have to find a way of reminding yourself to switch it off whenever it's not needed.

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