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6 Benefits Of Installing KDK Ceiling Fan

Ventilation is an important concept of moving the air from outside environment to inside the building. This is possible by use of ventilating fans that remove undesirable air out of the building and replace it with fresh air. Ventilation is very useful in areas where it’s not easily replaced or in places where air has stagnated. KDK ceiling fans are among the best fans in the market and it’s good to bear in mind that there are other ceiling fans that are of low quality, which you must carefully avoid. KDK ceiling fan is made of high quality material that guarantee the customer of long service.

KDK Ceiling Fan

Below are six benefits of KDK ceiling Fan

• Ability To Move Lots Of Air Within The Room

KDK ceiling fan is able to move a lot of air within the building. The key to moving a good quantity of air is the blade pitch. The fan has a higher blade pitch angle, which ensures that greater amount of air movement. The blade pitch angle is properly harmonized with the Fan motor. The motor is powerful enough to ensure that the blade pitch easily achieved without straining.

• Consumes Less Energy, Hence Saving Your Power Bill

KDK ceiling fan is very efficient is saving energy. It spends less amount of energy to move a large quantity of air hence increasing its overall efficiency. Most fans in the market having very low wattage motors, which make them move less air hence making them very inefficient. KDK fans are design and manufactured to shift a large amount of air.

• The Fan is Less Noisy

Manufacturers of KDK ceiling fan ensured that electrical humming is eliminated when the fan is running. Electrical humming is the major source of noisy that many fans produce, which is mainly due to poor engineering design. KDK ceiling fans have high quality ball bearings that eliminate the noise that is produced by low quality bearings. Another source of noise is the lack of precision during manufacturing, which results to poor dampening between various metal parts. KDK fans use quality materials available in the market.

• Does Not Wobble

There many factors that make fans to wobble. Some of these factors include improper blade sealing, sub-standard blade materials and warp. Blades can also be the cause of wobbling especially when they are not properly weighed and balanced. Blade mounting brackets must also be consistent to avoid creating varying degrees of blade pitch angle. KDK ceiling fans are known to be wobble-free, which means that the fans are ever straight.

• The Fan Is Durable

There are many reasons why sub-standard fans easily break down soon after they are in use. These fans have unspecified blade pitch and motor size, and are incorrectly matched. Inadequate testing, manufacturing, low quality material and lack of proper inspection procedures lends to premature fans break down. Some ceiling fans fail prematurely due to defective motor windings, which normally lead to electrical shorts. Also low quality ball bearings allow the dust to enter one side of the bearings that cause their failure. Poor engineering, sub-standard manufacturing processes and inexpensive materials are the main causes of frequent break downs of ceiling fans. KDK ceiling fans manufacturer has ensure that materials used are of high quality, strictly inspection procedures and the best engineering practices are followed to ensure the finest KDK ceiling fans are produced.

• Great Brass Finish Always

When you buy a ceiling fan, the brass finishes are always great. Soon after the dark spots start to appear and the tarnish becomes visible in your fan. Quality brass finish and other finishes are used in KDK ceiling fans. When buying the fan look closely on its surface for any evidence of unevenness of the finish or scratches. With KDK fans you will notice the signs of quality that is very rare from other ceiling fans.

Are you aware of the minimum height required when putting up a fan?

It’s important to note that the safety standards require that the right min height from floor to bottom of the fan should be kept at 2.3m or 7 ft 6 inches. KDK fans are been manufactured to take care of this safety issue and you can do it by adjusting your fan to the required height.

KDK ceiling fan warranty will definitely make a difference

KDK ceiling fans also come with great warranty. Its motor will give you a long service compared to many motors in the market today. Make use your warranty in case of break down as recommended by the manufacturer.

Why do some ceiling fans require oil while others don’t?

When buying a ceiling fan check if you to add oil at some point while in use or it has oil-bath lubrication system. For self lubricating system the main bearing s are always lubricated. Most of the oil-bath lubrication system ensures the fan is quiet during the operation and the system has a long life.

Can your ceiling fan be installed at an angle?

Yes, KDK fans can be installed at angle or mounted at vaulted ceiling. The fan is designed to accommodate various sloppy ceiling angles. Most quality fans are adjustable just like KDK ceiling fans; you can buy additional fan accessories that will help you install the fan.

What is the amount of power that your ceiling fan consume?

On average most fans run at high speeds, but you will be surprised that they consume less energy than your 100watts light bulb.

Are KDK fans able to lower the temperatures?

KDK ceiling fan is able to cool your room by creating a nice wind chill effect. The chilling effect makes you feel a cool reaction, which helps to evaporate the perspiration that is on your skin. Sometimes the ceiling fan and be used together an air conditioner, which helps to lower the cost of energy. You only need to set the thermostat of your aircon at higher temperatures only.

Can your ceiling fan be adjusted by a remote control?

Most of the ceiling fans nowadays can be adjusted using remote control, which sometime is sold separately from the ceiling fan. Remote control can enhance operating flexibility and performance.

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