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7 Interesting Facts On Ceiling Fan Installation

Ceiling Fan Installation

Effective ceiling fan installation tips

Ceiling fans are able to reduce heat and keep the temperature comfortable and cool in the room. You may not feel the need of a ceiling fan in the winter, however, when the humidity of summer arrives, you will certainly know the importance of a ceiling fan. Installation of a ceiling fan may seem like a difficult task; however, you may find that if all the wirings are in the order, then installing it could be quite easy. Before you begin with the installation, there are certain items you should take into consideration. The style and size of the fan you will choose is very significant and in order to get the most suitable fan for your room, you will need to know the size of the room and the kind of ceiling you have. Few people have vaulted ceilings, which could make it quite difficult to install a large ceiling fan. The positioning of the fan will also be affected if the ceiling is vaulted. Once you choose the appropriate kind of fan for your ceiling, you can then start the process of installation. Below are given basic and effective installation tips of a ceiling fan that you should go through:

Ceiling fan installation


Turn off the main switch: The most important thing you first need to do is turn off the power when it comes to installing or removing the electrical fixtures. It is very necessary to follow the instructions effectively. Don’t just switch off the lights that control the light. You will need to turn off the breaker, which controls the light in the room where you wish to install the fan. Remove the old light fixture: You should start this process in the middle of the day as you will need to open your blinds and window shades to let enough light in the room.

As far as the type of fixture you will be removing, first dissemble your old fixture and remove it from the light box. Disconnect the wires: You then need to make sure you disconnect the wires from old assembly. However, do ensure marking each wire as to its exact location. It will help you installing it again at ease. Inspection of the old electrical box: Check if the currently installed electrical box is able to handle the weight of the fan and is mounted to either a cross brace or a truss. It will ensure the proper foundation for your new fan. If for whatever reason, your electrical box isn’t mounted properly, then you better get the right mounting brace and electrical box. While installing a ceiling fan, weight is an important factor to consider, therefore choose wisely.


Before you began with the installation of a ceiling fan, first read the instruction provided with the fan thoroughly in order to know the details about the fan. Make sure to have all the necessary items nearby so you won’t have to move from your place while installing.

1. Install mounting bracket:

The initial thing to do is to install new mounting bracket onto the electrical box. This bracket will actually be holding the new fan.

2. Employ working hook:

The ceiling fan motor is extremely heavy and the manufacturers are well aware that you cannot hold the fan from one hand and do all the wirings with the other. That’s why they have made this thing called working hook that permits you to hand the fan motor through the hook while you are securing the wires.

Ceiling Fan Installation

3. Securing and assembling of wires:

Now you will assemble the wires with proper wire color codes. Generally, the white wire indicates the neutral; the black wire indicates the power leg while the green wire indicates the ground. You may also find a red wire that is normally used for looping depending on the number of light switches control a single light. Normally when you see this wire, you have multiple light switches in one configuration. Just make sure to follow the wiring exactly as you removed from the old fixture and you won’t have any difficulty.

4. Secure fan motor
Now you will need to secure the fan motor to the mounting bracket. Push all the wiring in the electrical box and secure the motor with mounting bolts, which have been supplied.

5. Install the fan blades:

After you finished mounting the fan motor and putting the cover, it will now be the time to install the fan blades. Attack each blade one by one and secure them with accompanying hardware. Double checks if the blades are installed properly as you don’t want your fan to misbalance.

6. Check your job:

Once you are finished installing the ceiling fan, it is necessary to turn back and take a detail look on your work. Make sure that the light switch is turned off. Take a short break and return to the room and switch on the light and see if the fan and light are working well.

Installation of a ceiling fan isn’t that difficult of a job as many think it is. The biggest pressure is when a person installs a ceiling fan is dealing with electricity. Most of us don’t have sufficient knowledge when it comes to electrical applications. However, as long as the power is off, it’s only a matter of disassembling the old fixture and replacing it with the new one. Follow the steps wisely and you will be able to install a ceiling fan in your without the need of an expert hand that will cost you money. However, if you are still not sure about taking the job into your hands, then it is always recommended to take the assistance of a professional. Hiring an expert to install the ceiling fan in your room could be very beneficial for you as he will be able to install the fan effectively and also do the repairs if any were to be found.

Secure the motor:

Now you will need to secure the fan motor to the mounting bracket. Push all the wires inside the electrical box and secure the fan motor with mounting bolts, which have been supplied.

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