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7 Possible Reasons Why Your Ceiling Fan Stopped Working

Ceiling fans are among the most effective cooling appliances than you can get for your home. The ceiling fan has been widely used to cool down rooms especially during the air outside is too hot. Most ceilings fans today also come in some interesting styles that make them double up as attractive decor items that also bring some style into the room that they are installed. Given that a ceiling fan is an integral part of any home, it can be distressing if it stops working for one reason or another. If your ceiling fan has stopped working, then it is obvious there is a problem.

Ceiling Fan Stopped Working

Below are 7 possible reasons why your ceiling stopped working and what you can do in each case to resolve the problem

1. Power supply to the fan has stopped

Well, this in most cases happens when there is a problem with the circuit breaker. Check if the circuit breakable has tripped and simply reset it to get your power supply back on. Some fuses could also have blown or gotten damaged. Where this is the case, the problem can be resolved by replacing the damaged fuses. In most cases, a circuit breaker will trip if there is a problem with the general power supply in your area. In some cases however, some short in the circuit will make the circuit breaker trip. If this is the case, you will observe that your ceiling fan will start working and then go off again after some time and then the circuit breaker will trip once again. The short will in this case need to be addressed by a competent electrician so as to take care of the problem once and for all.

2. There is no power supply to the wall switch

Another problem that could be affecting the fan is lack of power at the wall switch. You will have to remove the face plate to expose the electric connection in the switch box. You can use a circuit tester to see if there is power in the switch. If there is no power to the switch box, then the switch box needs to be replaced. It is important to note that a lot of care needs to be taken when working close to a power source. If you are not comfortable opening your switch box or handling any other power related problem for that matter, you can always get a qualified electrician to help you. An electrician will identify any power related problem in your supply and take the necessary steps to rectify the problem.

3. Some of the electrical connections within the fan have come loose

This is one of the most common problems where ceiling fans are concerned. In most cases when a fan is not installed properly a wire will come off with time and when this happens the fan will stop working. Remove the cover of the fan to expose the electric connections. Check whether there are any loose wires and fix them. While at it, use the circuit tester to determine whether there is power getting into the ceiling fan and the connection between the switch and the fan is not the problem.

4. The ceiling fan motor shaft may be entangled and this may be preventing it from turning

This happens when a foreign object finds its way to the motor shaft and somehow gets the motor shaft entangled. Remove the foreign object and check whether the shaft functions normally once you have removed the foreign object.

Ceiling Fan Stopped Working

5. The motor has failed and needs to be replaced

If you check the motor shaft and there is no foreign object yet the motor shaft is not working, then the motor may have failed. You may also find a foreign object but discover that even after removing it the motor shaft still does not work. This also means that the motor has failed and the only solution here is to have the motor replaced. Be sure to get the right motor to fit your ceiling fan based on the size and the model of the fan.

6. The problem could be your remote control

As strange as it sounds, your ceiling fan could have stopped working because there is a problem with the remote control. If you are use a remote control to start your fan, check your batteries and have them replaced. You also have to ensure that the batteries are in their right position. Also have a look at the remote control switches and check whether they are working properly and are set in the right frequency.

7. The environment where the fan is installed could be wrong for that kind of fan

Different ceiling fans are designed to work in different environments. You will find dry-rated fans that can only be installed outdoors and away from any direct contact with excess moisture and water. On the other hand are wet-rated and dump-rated fans that should be installed indoors as they can withstand the moisture and dampness that comes with this kind of environment.

If a ceiling fan is installed in the wrong environment, then this will compromise its quality and its efficiency and this may result to the ceiling failing to work with time. If you discover that you have placed a dry-rated fan in a damp place, then you must make plans to have the fan removed. A technician may get the fan working again after resolving the problem that the dampness could have caused but the truth is that you need to get the right fan for your damp area and have to move the dry-rated fan to another dry area in your home.

These are some of the common reasons why your ceiling fan may stop working. If none of these applies in your case, then you may have to contact a ceiling fan company to diagnose the problem with your fan. You will get an experts opinion on what the problem is and also get a recommendation on whether to have any part repaired or in rare cases have a new ceiling fan installed in place of your old one.

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