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7 Reasons Why You Should Install KDK Ceiling Fan

In a country like Singapore which has tropical rainforest climate all year round, it makes sense to invest in a ceiling fan if air conditioners are out of bounds for you because of limited budget or any other reason. Ceiling fans are capable of keeping you cool without the need of an air conditioner. These are a lifesaver for people who cannot afford ACs. If you are going to invest in a ceiling fan then you might as well invest in a good quality one, which not only adds appeal to your room’s décor but is also capable of functioning optimally. KDK is a highly reputable and popular brand in Singapore that offers quality ceiling fans. Thus, one should not underestimate the humble ceiling fan and invest in such fixtures for the house. 

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There are many reasons why one should install KDK ceiling fans, the following are top 7 reasons why these are a great choice and why you should buy them:

#1: KDK ceiling fans help you keep cool without an AC
Unlike ACs, ceiling fans may be incapable of lowering the temperature of air, but they can still make the occupants of a room feel cooler. This is done by moving the air in the room at a rate which is capable of making perspiration evaporate from the skin. Since sweat is evaporating from your body so quickly thanks to the ceiling fan, therefore more heat is leaving your body, which makes you feel cooler. Moving air caused by the ceiling fan is also capable of removing heat from your body by means of convection, this is applicable when the temperature of air is less than 100 degrees Fahrenheit. Most people generally doubt the efficiency of ceiling fans when pegged against air conditioners but once they install KDK ones, they are more than convinced with the latter!

#2: KDK ceiling fans are energy efficient
While the KDK ceiling fan does a great job at keeping one cool, it does not require a lot of energy for the purpose of achieving this objective. KDK fans boast of ergonomic and innovative fan blades that lowers energy usage. Thanks to their unique blade designs, these energy efficient fans are capable of moving a lot of air without necessarily guzzling up too much energy for functioning. On an average these ceiling fans consume less power as opposed to a 100 watt light bulb, even when they are running on high speed! However, bear in mind that these fans should be switched off when not in use otherwise their motors would give off heat with prolonged usage and this would also translate into costlier energy bills. 

#3: KDK fans work well both as a substitute and complement to air conditioners
It is not for no reason that KDK company has gained a huge fan following of loyal customers in Singapore. The ceiling fans from this reputable company are extremely versatile in the sense that they can be an alternative or substitute to ACs or be a complement to ACs. When the weather is Singapore is hot but not stifling yet then you can just turn on the ceiling fan to keep cool. Meanwhile, in case of extremely hot summers, the fan can be used in conjunction with the AC to provide even more cooling at a faster rate. Once the room is cool, you can either switch off the AC or the fan, depending upon the preferences of people in the room.

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#4: Enjoy All Year Round Comfort with KDK fans
With KDK fans, you can use them all year round without a problem as these are extremely reliable and they give the best performance all the time, irrespective of the weather. Moreover, these are highly durable ceiling fans therefore they do not cause trouble, even when you’re using them throughout the year. Unlike air conditioners, these ceiling fans do not create a discernible chill in the air, therefore they can be used even when the weather is slightly cooler without making people shiver with cold!

#5: Low Maintenance
Most Singaporeans have hectic and busy schedules, therefore the last thing that they want would be a ceiling fan that breaks down every now and then, thus requiring them to call in mechanics. With KDK, quality is everything, therefore you can rest assured that these fans are of top notch quality. They are extremely low maintenance, which means that you just need to install them on your ceiling and you can forget about them! There is no need of calling in experts for monthly inspection or tweaking to ensure that the fans give optimum performance. However, routine cleaning of these fans are recommended for hygienic purpose and to keep them looking new and attractive!

#6: Myriad designs to choose from
KDK understands that ceiling fans do not have to be boring, which is why the company offers a sea of options and designs to choose from. There are different models available with their own distinct style and appearance, therefore you are sure to find something that matches or complements the décor of your room as well as your tastes and preferences. Moreover, these also come in different colors, therefore you can pick the models that go with the color theme of your room. 

#7: Very Easy to Install
Just purchasing a decent fan doesn’t mean that the work is over, you’re just halfway there because you still need to get the fan installed properly. With KDK ceiling fans, there is no need to sweat about the installation process because these fans are extremely easy to install. In fact, people with basic carpentry and tweaking skills would be able to embark on a DIY project to get these fans installed. Simply connect the fans to electrical wires and have them hung from the ceilings. The best thing about KDK fans is that they are very lightweight, most weigh less than eight kilograms, therefore getting them installed is a cakewalk. 

Thus, with so many reasons why it is a good idea to go for KDK ceiling fans in Malaysia, it is hard to resist the temptation of getting one of these super-efficient and effortlessly stylish ceiling fans for your room. Also, these highly dependable ceiling fans come with reasonable price tags, therefore what’s not to love about these?

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