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7 Ways To Maintain Your Ceiling Fan

If you are living in a country that experiences hot weather most of the year, like Singapore, chances are you own a ceiling fan. Ceiling fans are good investments because they can cool down the air inside your homes for a lesser energy cost. They are also much cheaper than air conditioners. This does not mean though that you should not give it proper care. Failure to do so can result to wobbling blades and decreased efficiency, which will negate the main reason why you bought it in the first place. If you have no idea how to maintain your ceiling fans in your home in Singapore, here are the things that you should do.

7 Ways To Maintain Your Ceiling Fan

1) Check for squeaking sounds.

Squeaking and wobbling are normally caused by loose blades. It can be easily fixed by tightening the screw that holds the blades in place. As you keep using your fan, it is possible that this screw will loosen in time, so observe regularly if there is any wobbling, which can lead to the blade fully coming off and getting damaged.

2) Lubricate the bearings.

This is very applicable to old fans. In time, there will be a loss of lubricant on its bearing and when this happens, it will wear the bearings fast due to friction. A squeaking noise is also indicative of this, so when you hear it, grab some lubricant and apply some on the motor and bearings.

3) Clean the blades regularly.

Dust will slowly accumulate on the blades, which will not only make it look dirty, but it will also reduce air flow. Wiping the blades with a wet cloth is often enough. You may also wipe a coat of polish on it to give it some shine and to reduce friction, which will make it run smoothly.

4) Tighten screws.

Check the entire assembly for any loosening of screws. For instance, see if the plate that attaches to the ceiling is still firmly attached. This is very important as any loose attachment can lead to the ceiling fan crashing down on you. Also take a look at the screws that attach the blade to the motor housing. These are the common cause of wobbling of the blades.

5) Check the blades.

Another cause of wobbling are bent blades. You can easily check this by using a straightedge. Just place it perpendicularly against the edge of one blade and manually rotate the blade. All should touch the straightedge. Those that do not mean that they are bent, so you will have to bend them back until all of them have the same angles.

6) Check the globe.

If your ceiling fan has a light fixture or globe, you should also check if it is wobbling. Sometimes it is not noticeable if you are running the fan on low, so set it on high and observe. Any wobbling can be easily fixed by realigning the rubber seal around the globe.

7) Clean the entire assembly.

Of course, see to it that you clean the entire assembly regularly, not just the blades. Dust can be driven into the motor and slow it down. This can even lead to the fan not working altogether, so take time to reach up and wipe your fan clean.

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