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All You Need To Know About Ceiling Fan

Saving-energy with ceiling-fan as uses much power to 60 watt light-globe. During hot-summers-ceiling-fan work along side air conditioner reduce the operational cost for up to 40%. And during winters, a ceiling fan with a reverse mode can help to circulate warm air downwards lowering the heating cost by about 10%. Due to its minimum noise and maximum comfort, the ceiling fan is ideal for bedroom, living room, and kitchen area.

Ceiling Fan

Ceiling Fan Versus Air Conditioner:

There are distinct differences between a ceiling fan and air conditioner. While the ceilings fan help to cool the surrounding, air conditioners assist in lowering the temperature of the surrounding. AC is normally installed on the side of the wall while the ceiling fan is mainly installed on the ceiling. The ceiling fan is installed directly above the user and may pose some danger if not installed correctly.

Choosing The Best Ceiling Fan supplier:

While looking to buy a ceiling fan, consider buying from a trustworthy supplier who gives an assurance that the ceiling fan is durable and high quality. Here are some factors that you may have to consider while choosing the best ceiling fan supplier:

Essential qualifications and certifications:

Ceiling fan installation requires a lot of skills and experience. Different regulatory and certifications bodies certify professionals in the industry. The best supply is licensed by various regulatory bodies and has certification from the vendor of the ceiling fan. Moreover, all technicians working for the supply should be well trained and have the right equipment that enables them performed the installation and configuration in the best possible manner.

Many years of experience:

Choose a ceiling fan supplier that has been working the Singapore market for many years and understand all the challenges in the industry. Check for reviews about the company to learn what clients are saying about the service provider. If other clients are satisfied with the services provided by the supplier, then you will also be likely to be satisfied with their services. With many years of experience, their technicians should be able to install the fans on the ceiling within the least time possible. The technicians should also be polite and have communication skills that make it easier to communicate with you as a client.

Ceiling Fan

Trustworthy Services:

Electrical works can be a complicated task, but with a trustworthy ceiling fan supplier, you are sure that the installation services are done properly. Select a reliable company that provides excellent and trustworthy services for you. Check different reviews to know the trustworthiness of different ceiling fan suppliers before hiring one.

Consultation Services:

The best ceiling fan supplier will be able to guide you on various types of ceiling fans available in the market. With many years experience and certifications from different vendors, the best ceiling fan supplier should be able to give the difference between various ceiling fans available in the market. Consultation services are crucial in choosing the most cost-effective fans for your case. Having the right fan supplier is critical in ensuring that you get the best out of your fan.

Carry Out A Site Survey And Develop The Best Designs:

The best ceiling fan supplier should be able to perform a thorough site survey and come up with the best installation plan. They should install the fans in the right place in the ceiling to maximize performance and reduce operational cost. The best installer should be able to evaluate the room and recommend the best size of the fan. If your room is large and requires two fans, then the supplier should be able to guide on the number of the fans required and the right direction to place each of the fans. The height of fan installation also plays an important role in the efficiency of the cooling fans, and the installation service provider should be able to guide on all these factors.

Supplies A Wide Range Of Ceiling Fans:

Everyone need a fan that looks cool and efficient. Choose a supplier that easy to access and features a wide range of ceiling fans to choose from. You choose ceiling fans according to what you can afford. You can find a simple elegant ceiling fan from the best supplier.

Ceiling Fan

Competitive Pricing:

Cost is a major factor in any project, and your ceiling fan supplier should provide a competitive pricing on its products. Compare prices of different popular suppliers to understand the best price for a particular ceiling fan. The best price is an assurance that you will not have to pay a lot of money for the service and you get the values of your money from the service. Moreover, your installer should guarantee their services and offer affordable maintenance service after installations.

After Sales Service:

Having a supplier that provides free delivery services is a great thing. Select the best supplier that offer free after sales service to help you save on transportation. However, make sure that they offer a quality after sale service, which ensures that your items arrive on the site while they are still in good condition.


The ceiling fan is an essential asset when it comes to maintaining room temperatures at a low cost. With the right supplier and installer, a ceiling fan can serve most needs of an air conditioner and can help to reduce operational cost greatly. Experienced specialists understand how to install the ceiling fan properly on the ceiling not only to maximize on its work but also to avoid danger as the ceiling fan is normally installed on the ceiling, directly above the user.

Avoid selecting Ceiling fan suppliers randomly to avoid slipshod works of installation. The functionality of the ceiling fan can only be optimized through proper installation. Choose a reliable supplier that has a wide variety of ceiling fans and have enough skills to help choose the right ceiling fan for your room. The best supplier should provide excellent after sales services as well as maintenance after installation. Ensure that the supplier gives a guarantee that the ceiling fans would be able to work for a long time and would not fail just after weeks. Remember that improper installation of the fan can be dangerous to the user.

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