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Basic Things To Know While Buying A Ceiling Fan For Your Home

Weather always remain hot and humid in Singapore that makes it essential for you to have a good quality fan in your home. And if you have an air-conditioner in your home, then also having a ceiling fan is a good idea because it can increase the comfort and it can help you reduce the electricity bill. But you can get the maximum benefits of a ceiling fan only if you choose it wisely. For your help and support, I am sharing some simple tips that can help you buy a good quality fan smartly and comfortably.

Ceiling Fan For Your Home

Know your budget:

Before you buy a ceiling fan for your home, you shall have a fixed budget for this. I am suggesting this because you can have different options available in the market in various price range. If you do not set a budget for purchasing a fan, then you will look into all the available options, and you might buy one that is beyond your budget and does not give any extra value to you. You should know that every fan can help you have a comfortable room considered you buy it form a reputed brand and if you add extra features to it such as lights, remote control and other similar factors, then its cost will increase accordingly. Hence, you should fix a budget for this and then you shall try to buy the best fan available in that budget.

Electricity consumption:

This is another important factor that you need to check before you buy a fan for your home. You should always give importance to a fan that saves more electricity for you. If you need to pay some extra money for buying a ceiling fan that saves electricity, then you should not mind doing that. In a very shot time, you will be able to save that extra money by saving in bills. So, make sure you pay minute attention on this factor before choosing it.

Ceiling Fan For Your Home

The size of the fan:

If you want to have a comfortable experience with your ceiling fan, then you must choose its size with precise measurement. There is a simple rule of thumb that if you have a room that is up to 144 square foot, then choose a 42-inch fan. If your room size is above 144 and below 225 square foot, a 44-inch fan would be perfect for you. And if you have a room bigger than this but smaller than 400 square foot, then make sure you choose a 52-inch fan for the optimum results. Also, you shall remember that hits rule applies only if you have a uniformly shaped room. If your room shape is not uniform, or if your room is longer than 18 feet, then you shall try purchasing two medium sized fans instead of a single fan.


It does not matter that you choose a costlier fan or you buy a cheaper one, make sure you choose a good brand for this. A reputable brand offers you an assurance of warranty, and it also gives you a peace of mind in your tough time. In some situation, you may need to go beyond your budget to buy a fan from a better brand than a mediocre one. If you have to pay extra money for a good brand, that is worth investing for long term benefits. First, it will do the electricity saving as it promises and it will also not give you a mechanical problem again and again. So, the cost of the repairing will be minimum for you and that is another advantage that you can have with it.

Ceiling Fan For Your Home

Style and looks:

When I said have a fixed budget, then it does not mean you can’t expect any style from it. You deserve to get the best style as well from your ceiling fan, and you should expect that as well while buying it. While purchasing the fan in your budget, you will have plenty of options, and you can choose a fan on the basis of its design as well along with other factors. You can see if that fan will enhance the beauty of your room or not. If you get a yes in the answer, then you can choose it, or you can look for the other available option from a better brand.

There are three common types of controls available for a fan. These three controls include a button, pull chain and remote control. If you want to buy a fan for your bedroom or living room, then choosing a remote control ceiling fan would offer more comfort to you. Thanks to this, you will have freedom to control the fan speed without leaving your couch or bed. Kids may not operate remote control fan easily, so for kids room choosing a wall control fan would be perfect for you. Other than this, it is the perfect option for your kitchen, multipurpose room or any other place that has less traffic. Pull traffic control is not very common these days’ and if you still want to have it in your house, then you can use it as per your choice.

Check the support:

In addition to all these things it is also advised that you buy a fan only from a seller or brand that offer free or nominal cost installation and maintenance support to you. Many people assume they can install their ceiling fan without any help which is not good thinking. Installing a fan on your ceiling is a tedious job that takes a lot of time, efforts and preciseness. Having support from the vendor for installation can save a lot of your time, and it can keep you away from the frustration as well. So, it is strongly recommended that you consider this as a critical factor. And if you have to pay more money to get direct support, then you should get a step by step document that can help you do the installation without consuming your lot of time and efforts in the process.

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