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The Ultimate Buying Guide To Choosing The Right Ceiling Fan For Your Home

Ceiling fans help maintain the ventilation at home without crowding the walls or even the floor. These kinds of fans are nifty and practical to use since they don’t take up too much space. Nowadays, ceiling fans are built with highly attractive designs and configurations which takes their usefulness to another level. Ceiling fans help circulate fresh air inside a room. The swirling of the blades help promote better ventilation at home while lowering the amount of heat on a specific area. Not only can this help freshen up the surroundings, but it can also help lower down electricity consumption when used as an alternative to air conditioning units. Since ceiling fans are hardwired during installation, choosing a wrong one without fully understanding its many forms and configurations can result to numerous trips back to the hardware store. To avoid this from happening to you, take this guide as a source to help you expand your knowledge in order to make and enjoy the best purchase.

Ceiling Fan For Your Home

Different Parts of a Ceiling Fan

· Blades:

These are the rotating parts of the fan which spreads the air around the room. Blades vary in shapes, lengths and make. Long, elongated blades are the most common while more expensive ones come in handcrafted designs.

· Mounting Bracket:

This bracket holds the entire fan in place, making it an important part during and after installation. Mounting brackets usually come with rope-like chains or rods for high-ceilinged homes. However, there are also fan items which don’t have a connector in place when the ceiling is too low.

· Motor:

Motors power the entire ceiling fan and are usually directly proportional to the its performance and capacity. High-powered motor ceiling fans are also more expensive compared to ordinary ones.

· Switch:

Fan switches may either come with pull-chain configurations, remote controls or a light switch connected to the device.

· Capacitor:

This part helps maintain the speed of the blade’s turn especially when the fan is turned on.

· Add-ons:

Most ceiling fans have lighting fixtures and glass ornaments which can help transform the purpose of the item to an added home decoration.

Ceiling Fan For Your Home

- Home Location

There are different ceiling fans that go pretty well according to the room where they are being used. Here are some considerations to think about.

· Style of Different Home Furnishings:

Preferably, a ceiling fan should match all the other furniture found in a room to help make an added appeal where style is concerned. This way, it won’t appear out of place when mounted on the ceiling.

· Fan Material:

A garage ceiling fan has a different make compared to the one mounted on living rooms and dining areas. UL Dry rating fans are recommended for dry and humid indoor areas, while UL Wet are recommended for locations where the fan is exposed to the elements. UL Wet standard ceiling fans are ideal for patios.

- Ceiling Height

Mounting the ceiling fan to its proper height is of utmost importance in order not to accidentally knock the item off when it is hung too low or cancel its purpose if placed too high on the ceiling. Ideally, the height of a ceiling fan from the floor should not fall below 8 feet or 96 inches. For low ceilings, a flush-mount is necessary. However, for homes having high ceilings, a down-rod configuration is required.  A home with a ceiling height of 9 feet should have a down-rod length of 6 inches, a 10-ft with 12 inches while those with 14 to 16 feet ceilings require 36 to 48 inches of rod length.

- Ceiling Fan Finish

Just like faucets, handles and bulbs, ceiling fans also come with a large variety of finishes in order to fit a certain home design and theme without looking out of place.

· Metallic finishes:

These are perfect for rustic homes that require an antique and classic appeal for a ceiling fan. Metallic finishes normally include bronze, nickel and brass. These kinds of finishes are also popular in commercial establishments like museums and churches.

· Matte:

Matte are more on the contemporary side. Without a hint of shine or gloss, matte finishes offer a sense of sophistication on modern homes.

Ceiling Fan For Your Home

· Black:

Black is a minimalistic yet sleek finish which matches just about any kind of home design. These are commonly apparent in contemporary homes.

· White:

White is simplistic and it takes away all the extra fuss on this home item. White fan finishes normally don’t give out a sense of contrast to a ceiling, hence, they are not widely used especially when the aim is to create an added style to a room.

· Wooden:

These are very common finishes used in most homes and commercial establishments. Wooden finishes match most lighting fixtures (incandescent or fluorescent) that usually accompany most ceiling fans as well as the ground furniture.

· Reversed:

These are finishes which appear different on both sides. Reversed ceiling fan finishes are ideal for blades which can be reversibly installed.

Size and Some Mounting Tips

A ceiling fan’s blade may go somewhere between 30 t0 60 inches. For obvious safety reasons, fans with longer blades tend to move slower compared to those having only shorter lengths. It is ideal to place the fan in the middle of the room where a lot of people are bound to benefit from the air circulating inside or outside a specific area. For sloped ceilings, a distance of 24 inches or more is required to avoid the blades getting in contact with the walls. It is not advisable to use a ceiling fan for homes having less than 7 feet in ceiling height. The more blades a ceiling fan has, the more electricity it tends to consume. Traditionally, most ceiling fans are built with 4 to 5 blades. Small rooms such as bedrooms and porches would usually require a blade span size of less than 42 inches. However, bigger areas such as wide, open rooms can enjoy blade span sizes of up to more than 62 inches in length. Rooms having 8 feet and up in ceiling height should have at least more than an 18-inch distance from the wall. A flush-mount is necessary for those on the 8 feet length while 9 feet rooms need to utilize a down rod.

Just like any home appliance, ceiling fans are built with plenty of configurations you need to take in mind in order to fully benefit from the money you are willing to spend. Use this guide to help you choose the right ceiling fan that fits what your home really needs.

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