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Ceiling Fan Cleaning Tips

These days ceiling fans are among very common appliances that are used in almost every home as well as commercial to enjoy cool or warm air as per your requirement. These ceiling fans also gather dust and dirt with time like other commonly used appliances. Ceiling fans become dirty by gathering dust and dirt even if they are used regularly. So, it becomes necessary to clean them regularly not only to maintain the décor of your room but also to provide a healthy environment for your family. You can also keep your house free from dust and dirt by cleaning your ceiling fan regularly. Some ceiling fan cleaning tips are provided here under to make the things easier for you.

Cleaning Ceiling fan

Tips for cleaning a ceiling fan

Turn of the fan:
First of all you should turn off your ceiling fan before starting to clean it. Though it seems to be a ridiculous tip but it is necessary to avoid any unwanted situation. It can be damaging for you if you do not allow the fan to stop moving before using your hands to clean it.

Put a ladder under the fan:
In order to reach your ceiling fan, you will need a tall step ladder. The height and size of the ladder should be according to the height of your ceiling fan. You can see and clean your fan from all sides of your ladder is tall enough. Now put the ladder under the fan to clean it deeply.

Arrange another person to hold the ladder:
Though your ladder is tall enough but it will be safer to have someone to hold it so that you can clean the fan without any fear of falling. The holder of the ladder should know how to hold the ladder to avoid any kind of stain on him.

Climb the step ladder carefully:
When you arrange a ladder for this purpose, you should ensure that it is free from grease, mud, oil, snow or ice or any other thing that can make it slippery. Before climbing on the ladder you should also clean dirt from your shoes to avoid any risk of slipping down.

Clean the blades by rotating fan:
The top of the motor and blades of certain ceiling fans are designed very simple to clean their features easily whereas some have very typical features which make it a bit difficult to clean them. You can use a brush to brush out dust and dirt from the grooves and features on the blades and body of the ceiling fan. In order to remove the remaining dust from the fan, you can use a damp cloth. After cleaning the dust you should polish all of its fixtures.

Vacuum the attachments:
If the blades and body of your ceiling fan have some kind of attachments then brushing out their dust you can vacuum them to get rid of remaining dust from them. You can also use a damp cloth to wipe the sides of your fan blades if you do not have a brush for this purpose. While brushing the blades of the ceiling fan, to get rid of loose dirt and dust, you should ensure that the fan is not moving.

Remove dirt from the ceiling, if any:
There are chances that the dust is gathered on the ceiling, just over the fan and around it. So, while cleaning the ceiling fan you should also focus on cleaning the ceiling above the fan by using a clean duster. The dust accumulated on the fan as well as in its surrounding areas should also be removed completely while cleaning the ceiling fan.

Cleaning Ceiling fan


Thus, you can improve the looks of your room along with the quality of air in your room by cleaning your ceiling fan regularly. The ceiling fan cleaning tips provided in this write-up can be helpful for you for completing this task easily. Moreover, you can take better care of your ceiling fans by cleaning them frequently and regularly. In order to avoid build-ups caused by dust and dirt in your home, you should thoroughly clean your home along with the ceiling fans in it. So, to get the best results you should use standard cleaners to clean your home as well as its ceiling fans and complete the project without damaging anything.
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