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What Are The Different Types Of Ceiling Fan?

Ceiling fans are a great choice of light fixtures that can be used for functional as well as decorative purposes. Apart from adding style to your space, ceiling fans actually lower your energy bills by circulating air throughout the rooms. However, since there are different types of ceiling fans available in the market, learning about the features of different ceiling fan types can be highly beneficial in helping you choose the perfect ceiling fan.

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The Different Types of Ceiling Fan
#1: Standard Ceiling Fan

Standard ceiling fans are one of the most common types of ceiling fan that feature a variety of operating systems, five blades and a light. Available in antique bronze, white, black, antique bronze and natural finishes, these ceiling fans are versatile and can match almost any décor. One of the greatest benefits of installing this type of ceiling fans is that they can be customized to fit the décor of your home in a better way. While the light has shades that can be easily be changed, these fans can also be fitted using different accessories such as customized blades, pull chain , remote control or different light kits. However, before buying these accessories it is important that you check the manufacturer’s specification to ensure that the accessories you buy will work with your fan. A standard ceiling fan can be mounted on both sloped and flat ceilings by using a down rod- metal pipe that attaches the mounting bracket of the fan to its motor. This type of ceiling fan is an ideal choice for indoor rooms that feature ceilings that are about nine feet tall.

#2: Flush mount Ceiling fans

Also known as hugger fans or low profile ceiling fans’, this type of ceiling fans are installed directly onto the mounting bracket instead of using a down rod. Therefore, this type of ceiling fans is best suited for homes that have ceilings that are less than eight inches tall. Moreover, since the blades of a low profile ceiling fan is close to the ceiling, it cannot move air terrifically on its own. However, since it is a useful tool that can help move heated air throughout the room, using this type of ceiling fan can help you run your HVAC system less frequently. Hugger fans though are installed close the ceiling allow easy customization just like standard ceiling fans.

#3: Remote controlled ceiling Fans

A remote control ceiling allows you to adjust lighting, fan speeds and direction of the blade with a press of a button. This type of ceiling fan is great option for those people who are not tall enough and find it difficult to reach the pull chords of the traditional ceiling fan. A ideal choice for room that have high ceiling, this type of ceiling fans can also be convenient for auditoriums, shops, large event rooms or restaurants.

Different Type Ceiling Fan

#4: Dual motor ceiling Fans

As the name suggests, a dual motor ceiling fan has two motors and feature a central motor housing that is connected to two horizontal rods. Each rod features its own fan head that is adjustable. Dual motor ceiling fans can make a strong decorative statement in a dining room, living room or patio. Additionally, since these ceiling fans have the ability to circulate air over a larger area, they prove to be a great choice for both indoors and outdoors use.

#5: Damp Ceiling Fans

Damp ceiling fans are an ideal option for all those people living in humid locations or in areas that receive frequent rainfall. Equipped with all weather blades that are resistant to wrapping and motors that can resist moisture and humidity damage, damp ceiling fans are available in exotic styles and are useful rooms or outdoor areas that do not have high humidity or other precipitation. Popular rooms that are best suited for a damp ceiling fan include sunrooms, covered porches or patios.

#6: Agricultural Ceiling Fans

Equipped with sealed motors, agricultural ceiling fans prevent the accumulation of dust and moisture and are a great choice of fan to be used in poultry buildings, barns, greenhouses and covered porches. Made of heavy duty materials, this type of ceiling fan is capable of moving a lot of air and can withstand harsh environments. Installing these ceiling fans in an agricultural setting not only help improve air quality, but also help reduce energy cost by nearly 20 percent.


#7: Wet Ceiling Fans

Although most wet ceiling fans are usually made of palm leaves, bamboo or various other natural elements, they can also be constructed from more weather and industrial proof material. This type of ceiling fan features all weather blades and motors that help them running smoothly even in high humidity and moisture ridden conditions. In addition, wet ceiling fans can handle snow or rain and are an ideal choice for homes constructed near the beaches.

#8: Commercial Ceiling Fans

A commercial ceiling fan is an ideal choice of ceiling fan for classrooms, restaurants, retail stores or other places of business. When installed in spaces that have ceilings between 10 – 25 feet or in wider rooms, this type of ceiling fan help keep the space cool in the summer as well as help push the heat around the room during the winters.

#9: Industrial Ceiling Fan

Equipped with heavy duty motor, industrial ceiling fan provide higher air delivery and are a perfect choice for very large areas. While fans with straight blades are suitable for very high ceilings, those with curved blades can be mounted up to 25 feet. Industrial ceiling fans are a great choice for gymnasiums, warehouses and other large areas.

#10: Energy Star Ceiling Fans

Energy star ceiling fans are equipped with energy efficient motors that allow them to operate on less energy. Available in standard and low profile options, this type of ceiling fans can help you save money on your energy bills as well as provide environment benefits when compared to its other counterparts.

With so many types of ceiling fans available, considering the area, ceiling height, humidity and weather conditions of a given space can go a long way in helping you find the perfect ceiling fan for both indoor and outdoor use.

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