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How To Pick The Right Ceiling Fan For My Balcony?

Ceiling Fan for Balcony
Choosing the right ceiling fan for your balcony

The ceiling fan was invented in the United States of America. This happened back in the nineteenth century, and it thus has a long history. It may come as a surprise that the first ceiling fans were actually hydro powered. The modern version, which runs on electricity was not invented until 1882 by a man named Philip Diehl. Even though today there are a lot of modern air conditioning systems available, the ceiling fan remains the most popular, simple and easy to use method to raise comfort levels inside homes. It is with good reason that the ceiling fan has been used for many years, over a century actually, to supplement the indoor cooling of living areas or workspaces. What has occurred as an effect of this long history, is that the development of ceiling fans has been substantial. In the modern day and age there are a lot of options to choose from with regards to the style of ceiling fan you want. Also the sizes and materials they are made from have become greatly varying and customizable. Ceiling fans do not only provide a functional means to an end, they have also become a piece of beautiful design, positively adding to the esthetics of your living area or workspace. The price of ceiling fans can vary depending on performance or design.

How to control the balcony ceiling fan
Almost all ceiling fans have an engine that is able to turn both ways, clock- and counterclockwise. This allows you to choose between a suction- or blowing mode controllable in multiple speed settings. It is important to calibrate your ceiling fan in the right direction, to attain the effect you desire. There are multiple ways of controlling a ceiling fan. There is the old-fashioned way with the cords hanging down from the ceiling, and there is the modern way in which the ceiling fan is controlled remotely by means of a remote control or a control system embedded in the wall.
Purchasing a balcony ceiling fan
The effectiveness of a ceiling fan depends greatly on a number of contributing factors. Make sure you are well prepared and informed before you start your search for one. There are a number of important factors we advise you to keep in mind beforehand. These factors are:
• Length of the blades
• Surface of the blades
• Angle of the blades
• Rotation speed
• Space between the blades
Length of the blades:
The longer your rotor blades are, the higher the percentage of the area becomes on which the ceiling fan has its effect. The blades can vary in length, and choosing the right one for your balcony can make a world of difference.

Surface of the blades:
The greater the surface of the blades, the more air your balcony ceiling fan can move around, and thus increasing the effectiveness. Do notice that the surface must not be too big.

Angle of the blades:
The angle at which the blades are turned along their length axis determines for a great part the amount of generated air current. If the angle is too low, the fan will barely move any air around, too high and the engine will have to produce a lot of power to be able to cope with the increased air resistance. The ideal angle is one of 15 degrees.

Rotation speed:
The speed of rotation is measured in RPM which stands for rounds per minute. This also contributes for a great amount to the amount of air being moved around. A faster rotating balcony ceiling fan entails to a greater air current.

Space between the blades:
If there is insufficient room between the blades, there is not enough capacity to suck in, or blow out air. When this happens the balcony ceiling fan will not be able to keep a strong air current going. It is for this reason that ceiling fans with four blades often work better than those featuring five or even six blades.
Installing a ceiling fan on your balcony
There are a few key elements to placing a ceiling fan that need to be taken into account. To guarantee the optimal efficiency of your ceiling fan take the following elements in mind:
• Mounting
• Distance between ceiling fan and ceiling
• Distance between ceiling fan and people
• Deviation (wobble)

A fully assembled balcony ceiling fan weighs approximately between 10 and 20 kilograms. This is greatly dependent on the blade surface, the material from which the fan is made, and the possible presence of added lighting. This weight combined with the spinning of the fan, puts a lot of strain on the connection between the fan and the ceiling. Make sure it is properly mounted.

Distance between ceiling fan and ceiling:
Is the fan too close to the ceiling, the air current is hindered. Always make sure to keep a short distance between the ceiling and the fan. There are special rods available that can be placed between the fan and the ceiling to increase the distance.

Distance between ceiling fan and people:
The closer the ceiling fan is located to the people, the greater the effect that is felt. This provides yet another argument for keeping some distance between the fan and the ceiling. The only thing you need to be wary of when mounting the fan lower, is that it stays safe.

Some ceiling fans have a slight wobble, or deviation, in their spinning. This can often be contributed to an imbalance in the blades or an imbalance in the mounting. Though many ceiling fans are provided with a balancing set included, the imbalance is not always due to the blades being too light, and the cause can lie elsewhere. A much seen cause is the a wrong montage. What often goes wrong in this montage is not screwing the screws tight enough. Also always check the ceiling rod to see if the imbalance can be found there.

In conclusion
A balcony ceiling fan is a real handy item to get some comfort at home or your working space, just make sure you buy the right one fit to your purposes.
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