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How To Pick The Right Ceiling Fan Size?

When you think about installing a ceiling fan in your home, then it is necessary that you choose the size of your fan in a wise manner. Here, right size of ceiling fan is essential because if you will not pay attention on the size of ceiling fan then you wouldn’t be able to get the best comfort and airflow from it. But if you do not know How to Pick the Right Ceiling Fan Size for better airflow and comfort in your room, then following are some suggestions that can help you in purchasing of your ceiling fan and in its installation as well.

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Check the room size:

To get better airflow from your air ceiling fan in your room, you not only need to pay attention on the size of the ceiling fan, but you need to pay attention on your room size and shape as well. For this requirement it is strongly recommend that you check size of your room in square feet and then you think about buying the fan for your room. Although you do not need to have the exact size of your room, but if you have confusion for the size or if you are not sure about the size, then you can take a measurement tape and then you can know the exact square feet area of your room in easy manner.

Right blade size for rooms:
The size of ceiling fan may vary from 29inches to 60 inches or larger and it comes in 4 different category. If you have a small room with 75 square feet area in it then you need to choose the smallest size ceiling fan for that room. Talking about the blade size, you can chose 29 inch to 36 inch blades for your ceiling fan for this room. If you are choosing a ceiling fan for up to 175 square feet of area then you can choose 42 inch to 48 inch blade size for your ceiling fan. If you have a very large bedroom or bigger room contain almost 350 square feet area in it, then you need to choose 52 inch to 56 inch ceiling fan for that requirement. In case you have a much bigger room that is beyond 350 square feet in its area then you need to choose ceiling fan with 60 inch or larger blades for better air flow in that size of the room.

Right place for installing:

If you think only choosing of right size blade would be enough for you to get the best air flow from your ceiling fan then you are wrong about it. I am saying this because proper placing of ceiling fan is also very much important and you should choose the place wisely for this in stallion. Ideally you should install it at a center of the room so it can cover most of the area from your room. But if you think you need more air flow at any specific corner then you can choose to install it at that corner. Also, while installing it, make sure you never install your ceiling fan just above the bed or above your sitting area. I am suggesting this because if by any chance ceiling fan get detached from its hook then it might hurt you in that situation and you can avoid that issue by proper placing of the ceiling fan.

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Know how many fans you need:

Sometime you may choose the right size of blade for your ceiling fan according to the square feet area of your room, but then also you do not get better comfort with it. This problem might occur because of the room shape and in that case the proportion of blade size and square feet area may not work properly for you. In case you have a square room then a single properly sized ceiling fan would work for you, but it you have an elongated room then you might need to use two fans at both the corner of your room. This extra care will help you get better result with it and you will be able to get better comfort also from it. So, make sure you keep this thing in your mind while choosing fan for your room and you choose number of fans according to the shape of your room.

Choose right height for ceiling fan:

Along with right number of ceiling fans and right size of blade you need to pay attention on the right height as well. If you will install it way above from the floor surface then it will not give you enough cooling and if you will install it way too low then it might increase the risk for you. Talking about the right height for installation of ceiling fan, you should install it between 8 to 9 feet from the ground. This height is not only safe for all the people, but it is optimum height of better air flow as well. So, make sure you keep this thing also in your mind while installing the fan in your room or at any other place.

Take experts help for installation:

In a normal situation people can install their ceiling fan by themselves and I would not say that is a bad thing to do. However, if you would take my opinion for same then I would strongly recommend you to contact and expert electrician for this. I am suggesting this because you can install the ceiling fan on the hook, but you will never notice the vibration in that after installing it. This minute vibration might reduce the airflow and longer run it can create some complication in your fan as well. Other than this it can cut the screw also over a period of time and that make it risky for you to sit under that ceiling fan. However, an expert technician would check it after installing and he will make sure that your fan not only give you better air flow, but remain safe also for you and your family all the time.

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