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Is Ceiling Fan Suitable For HDB?

Installing ceiling fans is a good option for your HBD flat in Singapore. Most homeowners would like to have a cool home, especially in a hot country like Singapore, and most would think that air conditioners are able to do this job perfectly. However, ceiling fans are able to cool your homes too and they have added benefits. In fact, even if you already own an AC unit, you still should not ignore the idea of installing a ceiling fan in your HBD flat in Singapore because it can take some load off your energy consumption.

Ceiling Fan For HDB

Helps Circulate Air

This is very helpful especially in the summer months. Usually, hot air gets trapped in your home and the outside temperature could be lower. Instead of turning on your AC, you can instead open the windows and turn on your ceiling fans. This will enable the circulation of air, pushing out the hot air and sucking in the cooler air. This will provide a natural gentle breeze in your homes and lower the temperature by 8 degrees. In addition, you will definitely save on your energy bills since fans use up lower energy compared to air conditioners.

Space Saving

Compared to stand fans or desk fans, ceiling fans takes up a space that is often neglected. You can save space in a room if you use a fan that is hanging overhead.

Adds Beauty to Your Home

Ceiling fans nowadays come in various designs, sizes, and styles. Therefore, in addition to cooling the temperature in your homes, it could also serve as a decorative item. With the various styles available, you can definitely find one that will blend well with the theme of the room. For instance, for a modern look, there are ceiling fans with glass ornaments that are made of aluminium or steel. You do not have to worry about the costs too because there are ceiling fan kits that are very cheap yet still come in fancy designs.

Warm or Cool a Room

You may not know this but the direction of the blades of a ceiling fan serves two purposes. When you set it on a counter clockwise motion, cool air will be pushed down to your room. Therefore, if you have an AC, you can set it at a higher temperature and use a ceiling fan with it. This will result to the same cool temperature without using as much energy. On the other hand, if you set the ceiling fan to rotate on a clockwise motion, hot air in the ceiling will be pushed down to the room, thus increasing the temperature, which is very beneficial in the winter nights.

Better Efficiency

The ceiling fans that you would find sold today have better designs in terms of supporting its efficiency. For instance, there are Energy Star rating fans, which mean that they use less energy to work. The blades are also shaped in a way that would improve air circulation.

According to estimates, you can save about 40% of your energy consumption if you use ceiling fans instead of AC units in your HBD flat in Singapore. This fact alone is enough to encourage you to install ceiling fans in your apartments.

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