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Tips For Ceiling Fan Maintenance

Maintenance of ceiling fans is very important in any home as they cool our rooms during summers and warm them in winter. Apart from extending life expectancy, maintaining ceiling fans can help to avoid any potential safety hazards that could result from faulty fans. Even though ceiling fans are usually made to work for several years and they don’t require regular maintenance, they’ll still need some at a given point. In case your ceiling fan hasn’t been damaged, doing maintenance will be very easy.

Ceiling Fan Maintenance

Below are Tips that you can use so as to maintain your ceiling fan.
Regular cleanings

Accumulation dust on ceiling fan blades is very annoying as they can weigh down the blades and minimize the efficiency of the fan itself. Nevertheless, you can clean up the blades various ways. Although you may use a vacuum cleaner you should be very careful, if the ceiling fan features delicate blades as they might be damaged or bent by the cleaner. Moreover, if you decide to use a vacuum cleaner, don’t stop there, after you are done with vacuuming, use a wet washcloth on every side of the blade.

Another way is to remove the fan’s blades completely using a screwdriver, for a more thorough cleaning. However, this is only recommended if the blades are very dusty /dirty. Lastly, never clean the blades using an acid or ammonia based cleaning solutions as they might cause destruction to the finish or make the blades to bend. If you’ve to use a cleaning solution, then you should choose one that’s ideal for delicate surfaces. In case want to your blades to look very nice, you can add a coat of furniture polish as it makes the blades to look much better. However, they’ll also work much better (the polish makes the fan blades air efficient).

Tighten all screws

Ceiling fans feature many different parts which are put together with screws. When a fan is functional, it generates slight vibrations which loosen some screws. You can discover the loose screws when a fan becomes noisy or shaky. For you to tighten the screws you need a screw driver. You can tighten back the loose screws but you should put special focus on the ceiling plate, fan and light fixture (if they are available).

Ceiling Fan Maintenance

Change the direction of the blades

Fans work by simply creating a “wind chill” effect. This simply means that when wind blows on your skin, it maximizes the speed at which you lose heat. Everything including human beings lose heat via conduction; a fan increases the speed of the process. This is good during summer time, when you need to get cool quickly. However, during the winter you want your body to keep heat for a very long time.

Ceiling fans can actually help. There is a small switch on a fan that reverses the track of the blades. By just using the switch, you might make your fan to start blowing air to the ceiling and not down the room. This inhibits the wind-chill effect, therefore making the room to be warmer. Many people usually make a major mistake of forgetting to do this. By simply doing this, you will be able reduce your heating costs during the winter. Lastly, ensure sure that the fan is switched off before you start flipping the switch.

Lubricate the fan

Some fans require to be lubricated regularly so as to be able to operate smoothly. You can do so using any light oil to fill the oil hole that’s on the top part of the motor. Fill the hole until the oil overflows and then rinse the surplus oil using a tissue/rag.

Check for movement

It’s very important that you check your fan for movements or tremors. Ensure that the center of the fan does not make any movement when the fan is in use. In case it does, you need to balance the fan using a fan balance kit. Moreover, it is very important to know that a damaged blade might make a fan to shake. You must therefore check for any missing parts on the blades. Finally, it’s important that you check for any bent or damaged blade. You may do so by simply removing all the blades and then them on top of each another. The blades must fit on top of another very well.

Ceiling Fan Maintenance

Routine inspections

A crucial part of maintaining an appliance is regular checkups. Ceiling fans need to be checked up on after every 6 months. Although it might be very aggravating, it’s worth it. Therefore, you have to stop the fan and then grab a ladder. When you are inspecting your ceiling fan, you have to confirm that all the screws are tight and also screwed in appropriately. You also have to ensure that the down rod, decorative plate, as well as light fixture (if the fan features one) are correctly in place.

Cast iron fans

Although you can’t find the traditional cast iron ceiling fans in many department stores they are still made by some companies. In case you own one of the cast iron ceiling fans, then you have to oil it after every 6 months.

Belt driven ceiling fans

Belt driven ceiling fans, much like cast iron fans, are an older style of ceiling fan that you will not encounter all that often; but some people do like to buy them to create an antique feel. If you have one of these fans, then you should be doing regular checkups and maintenance on the belt twice a year. By doing so, you can be guaranteed that your fan will serve you for a long period of time.


Ceiling fans are essential appliances in any home. They ensure that you stay cool during the summer and they also save you some money on energy bills. Don’t neglect them as you can keep a 10 -year-old fan to like a brand new one with some basic maintenance. If there is major problem with your fan, don’t try to repair it yourself, instead call a qualified electrician that deals with the maintenance of ceiling fans. There are some potential errors as well as injuries with poorly installed fans, therefore don’t take a risk, simply call an expert.

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