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What Are The Benefits Of Installing Ceiling Fan in Your Home?

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Ceiling fans can help to make a house or work place more comfortable during summer by just circulating stagnant air in the room. Though the sale of air conditioners is rising day by day, many home owners ignore the fact that ceiling fans can lower the feel of a room by eight degrees. Along with open windows, in particular at night, ceiling fans can lower the temperature of the room. The moving air created by ceiling fans makes a place feel cooler. Also, using ceiling fans is a very practicable way to save energy as well as money. Installing ceiling fans at home can make it a comfortable place to relax and work. Ceiling fans are basically designed to provide cool breeze and create a comfortable and pleasant environment.


1) Winter Warmth:

Many of us are unaware of the fact that ceiling fans can turn out to be a very useful home appliance in winters as well. Merely by reversing the direction of the rotation of the fan, it can be used to drift the air up against the ceiling. This makes the warm air to gather at the top of the room. Gradually this warm air drifts down the walls and spreads across the room. Nowadays many fans are available with switches to reverse the direction of rotation.

2) Breezy Summer:

In hot and humid summer months, ceiling fans helps to lower the feel of high room temperatures. Closed doors and windows make your house hotter. Opening windows can help the excessive heat to escape and the ceiling fan adds to this process by keeping the motion of the air constant. The ceiling fan pushes the cool air downwards and hence creating a cooling effect in the house.

3) Energy Saver…Money Saver:

Having a pleasant breeze in your house can really feel comforting. Not only that zephyr feels good on your face but it also feels nice and comforting on your wallet. In comparison to any other cooling machine available in the market, ceiling fans are the best to save money and conserve energy at the same time. It uses the same amount of energy that a 100 w bulb uses. Using star rated ceiling fans can save energy and money even more. If you strategically locate your ceiling fans you can avoid the usage of air conditioners and save energy.


Many of us overlook the benefits and advantages of ceiling fans compared to air conditioners. Although after the introduction of air conditioning systems in the market the demand of ceiling fans has decreased but even today it is considered as the basic requirement of every home. The air conditioning systems not only consumes a lot of energy; it also doesn’t make your wallet feel good. Also, it is affecting the environment to a large extent. One of the reasons of increasing global warming is usage of air conditioners. Using air conditioners can also affect your health as it deprives you of fresh air. Cooling your house with ceiling fans can be healthy as well as save money and energy.

Looking at all the benefits of the ceiling fan, one should try to avoid the usage of air conditioners and take full advantage of the ceiling fans.

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