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What Are The Best Kept Secrets About Ceiling Fan?

Ceiling fan is a mechanical fan that is normally installed on the roof of a room. It is usually powered by electricity and designed to rotate significantly and slower than the desk-fan. The ceiling fan makes the air to circulate around a building or a room. It sometimes has light fittings attached to it which is meant to replace the need for a standard light shade. It is important to note that commercial ceiling fan can save a significant amount of energy and can push the air around more significantly. Ceilings fans were initially activated with the use of a pull cord or a chain but modern fans uses switches or dials that are usually mounted on a wall or any other convenient position. They do wobble when their blades are out of balance but are stable enough that they are unlikely to fall. Some of them are capable of being switched to rotate in the opposition direction such that they can be used especially during the relatively cold season.

Ceiling Fan

A ceiling fan can further be described as an appliance wrapped in furniture. The motor, which is an important part of ceiling fan, has varied size and quality and the housing offers several styles and colors that can be chosen from. Fan’s blades can be made of particle-board with a wall paper for color and in real furniture grade hardwood-veneers. Stacks are known to be more open and more cooling than the common motors. Another common motor known as Pancake, varies considerably in size and are mostly affected by heat build-up than the stack motors. Heat build-up is a disadvantage to your components because it may shorten the life span of such components and even may cause winding to get loosen due to the vibrating sound produce by the motor.

A ceiling fan produces some noise. This originates from the motor which determines how quiet the fan is and how much air does the ceiling fan will move. It is not a general conclusion that the ceiling will develop a sound but can also depend on the maintenance of that ceiling fan. A quality fan which is well maintain should not be noisy due to finer machine-parts, but this can also get out of balance or may have a loose light kit causing it to produce some sound.

Ceiling fan has more advantageous over the central air conditioning system. Air conditioners are known to use more electricity than a fan. It uses an average of 3500 watts of power while in use and a room air conditioner can use up to 1,000 watts as compared to a ceiling fan which can use about 50 watts when turn on high uses. The makers of a ceiling fan are continuously improving designs and features to make the product to be more energy saver, more appealing and quieter.

Secrets About Ceiling Fan

A ceiling fan has important facts worth to know which include the following;

· Helps in keeping the room warm. The fan’s blades can reverse in an opposite direction or to clockwise direction during a cold weather condition. This causes the rising warm to be push down to where you and your family are.

· Fans ensure that the room temperature remains constant. Unlike air conditioners which are designed to kick in and out the air, when thermostat settings gives them an indication that the temperature is too high or too low. Ceiling fan just circulates the air in order to maintain room temperature at a constant level even during the hottest times of the day.

· Variety of sizes. Ceiling fans are available in different sizes with its possible sizes ranging from 32 inches to 52 inches. You need to choose a fan which best suit the available space for your room. For instance, if your room is more than 500 square feet, then you need to have a more than 52 ceiling fan which can effectively and conveniently.

· The significance of blade’s angles. The angles of the blade can make great difference in air circulation. As a matter of fact, blades’ angles should be at a minimum of 12 degrees for them to be effective functioning. Blades which are set at angles of 16 degrees will keep you cool but may cause disturbances because they may blow loose objects like the papers around the room.

· Fans normally work with the central air. Air conditioning blasting, all the time is not necessary especially with the presence of a ceiling fan. This is because a ceiling fan can actually complement a central air system but with more energy savings than the central air system.


Other facts about fans include the following;

· The most decorative fans are design with five blades while industrial grade ceiling fans normally have three blades and contain a relatively high-powered motor that may contribute to an energy savings of about 75 percent or more.

· Another kind of ceiling fan is what is referred to as low profile ceiling fan which is ideal for lower ceilings rooms. Installation of this ceiling fan needs to be closer to the ceiling where there is no obstruction of blade rotation. Note that they are unsuitable for vaulted ceilings.

There many more types of ceiling fans available in Singapore which are left unmentioned, but what is suitable for Singapore is either of the above discussed ceiling fans of which one is only needed to consider the location, the kind of ceiling, maintenance and among other factors. What is only required of you before buying a ceiling fan is to first set budget of how much you are willing to spend, ensure you measure the space where you intend to install it and take into considerations the specification of a ceiling fan that you need.

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