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What Is The Best Ceiling Fan Brand In Singapore?

Ceiling fans has become nowadays more stylish, lighter, and energy efficient than ever. Outdoors and indoors ceiling fans help to keep you comfortable by keeping the air moving. We will discuss in this article how to find the right ceiling fan to suit your style, budget, and space.

What Is The Best Ceiling Fan Brand In Singapore?

Select the right one for your space
A ceiling fan has the primary purpose to circulate air in a room. Unlikely the air conditioners that chill the air, the ceiling fans just push the around, which makes them useful for both heating and cooling. When used in a bedroom, a ceiling fan helps you have a restful sleep without the need to run the air conditioning system. Outdoors, on an open porch, a ceiling fan can make the atmosphere more relaxing and comfortable. In order to take the most advantage of your ceiling fan you need to first choose the right size for your space. 

Ceiling fan blade types
A ceiling fan’s blades are not a matter of utility or efficiency but more a matter of design. The blades’ shape will not affect the fan’s usability so you can choose the ceiling fan that looks best to you. Some models come with reversible blades so if you want to change its look you can just reverse its blades. The number of blades will also not affect its efficiency. Some models have nine blades but the traditional ceiling fans have just four to five blades.

Height of the ceiling
When selecting a replacement ceiling fan or a new ceiling fan, you need to adapt your choice to your ceiling height. The fan should be placed at an ideal height of around 2.5 metres from the floor to the fan blades, but many ceiling fans have multiple options for mounting so they work well almost anywhere. Measure the height of your ceiling to determine the best suitable mounting option for your space.

Mounting Options:

Flush mount – is best for rooms that have low ceilings. The flush mount ceiling fans are mounted with no extra attachment, flush to the ceiling.

Down rod mount – works best for rooms that have high ceilings, typically 2.5 meters or higher. Many models of ceiling fans come with an included down road. For extra tall ceilings it is possible that the down rod provided in the package will not be long enough. 

Angle mount – is made for faulted or angled ceilings. You may need a longer down road in this case, to provide proper clearance for the blades. Also, ensure that your ceiling angle is not sharper than 19 degrees.

Accessories for ceiling fans

You can enhance or modify your ceiling fan by using diverse ceiling fans accessories. 

Low ceiling adapter – is a ceiling fan accessory that helps reducing the standard height of a fan, in case that your ceiling has a low height.

Down rods - are poles that help setting your ceiling fan to the required height. Most of the ceiling fans come with a down rod and in case that you need a longer one you have a large range of sizes and finishes to choose from.

Light kits - most of the ceiling fans can be upgraded after installation with a light kit. In case that you think it is possible to decide later to buy a light kit is better to choose a ceiling fan that is compatible with this upgrade.

Remote Control – many modern ceiling fans come now with a remote control in the package for your better convenience, so you do not need to leave the sofa to adjust your comfort level.

Style, function and finish

Ceiling fans are designer in a wide array of styles and finishes, from white and black to brass, brushed nickel, or bronze. There are plenty of finish options and innovative designs to choose from when you are selecting your ceiling fan. Some ceiling fans feature adjustable speeds and they can be reversed to heat your room during cooler temperatures. When you look for a new or replacement ceiling fan you have to choose one that is both highly functional as well as design conscious. If you prefer a classy traditionalist style you may choose a wooden blades ceiling fan. If you are looking for something more modern you can try chrome. Clear, acrylic or Lucite blades ensure a sleek look suitable with contemporary taste. Palm leaf fans pair well with natural woven carpets and can add texture to a room.


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