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Why Should You Choose Ceiling Fans For Your Home

Ceiling fans might seem to be a bit old fashioned in this era of air conditioning but it can bring down your electricity costs many folds. Apart from being energy efficient it also has many other benefits which will convince you enough to get a ceiling fan installed in your home.

Ceiling fan

Cooling Provided by Ceiling Fans

It is proved that the cool breeze given out by the ceiling fan brings down the temperature of the room by 7-8 degrees Celsius.

In the summers, when the temperature is around 25 degrees Celsius you can turn on the fan and work without feeling hot.

Ceiling Fans and Energy Savings

The biggest benefit of having a ceiling fan is the energy savings associated with it. You go a step closer in the mission of Go-Green by having a ceiling fan.

While the air conditioner is on and you are using a ceiling fan, you can easily increase the temperature of the air conditioner, the effect will be the same whereas the energy consumption will be less.

Also, in summers you can switch on the air conditioner for 30-minutes and then turn the fan on it will circulate the cool air in the room and you will always feel the cool air on you.

Ceiling Fans Used in Heating

You can reverse the direction of motion of the fan blades and it will push the warm air to the ceiling which will reflect it towards the floor facilitating the re-circulation of warm air in the room, reducing the electricity costs by 10-15%.

This way you can turn off the heater and then, only the ceiling fan will maintain the warmth of the room.

Huge Variety of Fans Available

Different Number of Blades –
You can customize your fan according to your needs in terms of fan blades. Although the number of blades won’t have much impact on the cooling but you can choose 3 blades, 4 blades, 5 blades fan according to the décor and furniture of your home. It will add an extra touch of art in the room.

Fans as a Source of Lighting –
There are many types of ceiling fans available in the market that can also serve as a light source. You can find different types of lights integrated into the ceiling fan itself.

Fans According to the Height of Ceiling –
In some houses, the ceiling is way too high. So for these types of houses, a rod is extended from the ceiling and then the ceiling fan is attached to it. So even if you have a very high ceiling, don’t worry, by using an extended rod you can experience the same cool breeze.

Different Types of Controls in Fans –
There are different types of ceiling fans available in the market that come with different control mechanisms. Apart from conventional switch controlled fans, nowadays we also have remote controlled and smart phone controlled ceiling fans available in the market. You can choose according to your own convenience.

Ceiling fan

Design of Fans

There are plenty of designs available in the market from which you can choose according to the mood, décor and atmosphere of your room.

There are many customizable ceiling fans also available in the market. Say you want to have a ceiling fan in your kid’s room then you can purchase one with cartoon characters on it.

If you want to install a ceiling fan in your living room that has wooden flooring, you can install fans with timber blades with wooden finish. It will add elegance to your room.


These were the reasons why one should strongly consider installing ceiling fans in its house. Apart from these, there are many health benefits included by opting for ceiling fans and reducing the usage of air conditioners. Air conditions are designed in such a way that they extract the moisture out of the skin leaving the skin to be dry whereas a ceiling fan is just like sitting in front of an ocean breeze. It is natural air. Being close to nature is always good and healthy.
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