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Why You Should Install Ceiling Fan?

Ceiling Fan Installation
Here is why you should install a ceiling fan

Ceiling fans are not only beneficial due to their functionality, but also because of other advantages that they have over their conventional counterparts. If you live in Singapore, then you are very well aware why you need a ceiling fan over your head. A ceiling fan is simply an electrical fan that is installed on the roof and it can always be seen hanging.

So, why should you consider installing a ceiling fan?

A preferred choice

Over a period of time, people’s tastes and preferences change for the better. Whereas there exist many kinds of fans and cooling equipment that can get the job done, the ceiling fan has remained popular for many people. The truth of the matter is that air conditioners, hand fans to coolers can cool your surrounding extremely well. However, due to the nature of the ceiling fan, it has retained its usability and has withstood the tests of time.


The ceiling fan serves its primary function that is to keep the room cool. A room that is fresh provides the perfect ambiance for you to relax. Whereas Singapore does not experience summer, autumn, winter or spring, the fan removes stuffiness that is occasional and perhaps, typical to each and every internal environment. Sometimes the temperature just rises due to the number of people in the room causing discomfort. In other instances, the internal temperature of your house may rise due to cooking machinery. As such, you need to keep the temperature of your surroundings in check so that you do not make other people or yourself suffer from bad odor.

Improves the internal décor

Despite the fact that fans serve their functional purpose, they are also instrumental in making your house look good. The good thing about ceiling fans is that they are available in various sizes, shapes and colors. As such, you can select from a wide variety the fan that matches your wall, lighting, roof or banners that you have stuck on your wall. Most of the fans available are made such that they complement the colors of the interior. Even better, improved technology has availed fans that are not only efficient, but aesthetically good looking. In the process, they add to the beauty of the rooms.

Power bill reduction

In comparison with other techniques, a ceiling fan is relatively cheaper. If you compare the cost of installing and maintaining other cooling methods and machinery, you will discover that they are costly. In addition to being expensive to fix, you will have to dig deeper into your pockets in order to maintain the cooling equipment, especially the electricity bill. To counter this challenge, all have to do is switch to the ceiling fan. The electricity bill is an aspect of your finances that requires paying regularly. Why pay more for electricity when you could pay less and get more?

Complement other cooling techniques

If you already have other cooling equipment installed in your house, then you do not need to uninstall them in order to use the ceiling fan. All you need to do is to install the ceiling fan at an appropriate location in the house that lets you enjoy the cool air. The ceiling fan can be installed in every room and still go hand in hand with other cooling equipment. A keen look at the modern housing plan reveals that the designers employ the use of the ceiling fan with other cooling techniques. Users now have the freedom to use their preferred method of cooling as per their needs.

The ceiling fan acts as a backup

What happens when other cooling techniques fail? You guessed it already. Why suffer in silence when there is a way out? The best you can do to avoid being caught off guard is to install the ceiling fan. It will not only save you in the event of a breakdown, but also leave your surroundings with clean and fresh air. The fan also reduces the dependence on a single cooling technique.

Keeps insects away

I bet you did not know this, but the ceiling fan can go a long way in keeping insects away. Flies and mosquitoes rely on flying as the primary form of movement. With the ceiling fan operating, it distorts their flight path, hence killing them or forces them out of the room. Flies are particularly very annoying and embarrassing. They hover over food making people uncomfortable. The strong breeze of the fan deters these unwanted insects so that they do not hover around.


Since the fans are installed over the ceiling, they are way above the reach of children and pets. You can leave them functioning and not worry a single bit. Their location is also advantageous as they suffer from little or no interference in the course of their functioning. Therefore, the chance of them being spoilt by external objects is minimized.


Ceiling fans are available in a wide variety. The price attached to these fans largely depends on the features contained in each. It also depends on the brand that you select. However, in all these cases, the price of the fan is such that it is reasonably priced so it is within the reach of many people. Even better, if you cannot afford to buy for each and every room, you can buy one or two initially for a few rooms that you spend most of your time. This way you get to cool your surroundings affordably.

Dual purpose functionality

Modern fans come with lighting equipment added on to them. This is more convenient as lighting and cooling is done from one end-point. Instead of having a fan located elsewhere so that it can leave space for lighting, all you need to do is select any part of the room and it can be installed right there.

Frees up more space

In comparison with other types of internal coolers, the ceiling fan does not use floor space. If you intend to cool an office or a building in an urban setting where the floor space is limiting, then the ceiling fan is your best bet as does not take up any floor space. You also have to worry less about the cords that join to the fan as they pass overhead.

Consequently, the ceiling fan counts as a fantastic addition to any interior. The fact that they are available in various colors, shapes and sizes means that you have more freedom. You need to be tactful in choosing so that you get the right fan for your interior that can get the job done effectively and efficiently at a price that suits your pocket.

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