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Lighting is such an important part of our life that sometimes we fail to plan for it and optimize it at home and at work. A good lighting plan besides providing illumination should also compliment the space and bring emphasis to certain areas of the room. Here are some key consideration on laying out the lighting plan for your office and home.

Firstly, think of lighting as layers rather than which spot needs to be lit. Lighting can be categorized into 3 different groups, namely task lighting, ambient lighting and accent lighting. Task lighting plays a role to illuminate the area around your work-space and provide much needed lighting. One key thing to note for this type of lighting is to avoid orange or incandescent bulbs as much as possible. The reason is that it gives unnecessary strain to the eyes due to its orange hue and makes the eyes tired which could be distracting for you.

Next, Ambient lighting plays its role just like how the sun illuminates the earth; it is used in lighting up the place generally. The common mistake people make would be treating ambient lighting as your task lighting also. This could result in shadows being cast from your head, ceiling fans or tall cupboards. This effect could put unnecessary strain on the eyes and is one of the reasons why short-sightedness and myopia develop. This type of lighting is usually an overhead lighting fixture to provide the maximum coverage of the space. This is usually the first type of lighting most people will choose first. Lastly, accent lighting is to shine a “spotlight” on a part of the space you would like to bring out, like a nice painting. This lighting varies from space to space and some people choose to not include this in their lighting plan which is completely fine.

The next consideration would be space. Look out for lighting which have a wide coverage area and the light does not cause strain to your eyes. Next, plan your task lighting around your desk and other key places of social gathering like a dining table. This includes planning how you lay the wiring for the lighting so that it will fit in nicely to each desk and the space the task light takes up either on the table or placed on the floor hanging over the table. Try not to have an individual light to be shared by 2 people unless the lighting is well spread out to accommodate the both of them.

The next thing is glare. Glare is caused by the eye being unable to react with the drastic change of lighting and prolong exposure could result in distraction, headaches and even nausea. An idea to prevent this problem for your set-up is to sit at all the spots available in your office and home to find out what are the limitations around.

As much as having a window seat to keep you relax is essential, be sure to arrange your computer slightly away from the window or implement a blind to cut down the afternoon or morning glare onto the computer screen. This is also the time to check out what type of bulbs you should use for the different layers of lighting. A good idea is to use fluorescent lighting for your ambient and your task lighting and only bring out the incandescent light for your accent light. This not only save much needed money but also looks great as fluorescent lighting are usually not too glaring and complements itself and daylight if you do let in any from the windows.

The last thing to take note is wiring and design. The general look of the room should be complemented by the light and thus having wires hanging from the ceiling gives an untidy feeling to the space. You could also pair your designs with the colours of your table and flooring to give an overall feel and theme of the place as either somewhere homely with pastel colour selections, or cool and trendy with your choice of bold colour lighting.

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Looking for Ceiling Fan?
Need Modern Ceiling Fan with Lights?
Love Designer Ceiling Fan in Your Home or Office?
Searching For Lighting Specialists? - #1 Ceiling Fan & Lighting Specialists in Singapore
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I just got my keys for my condo and i was recommended by my colleague Albert to get a quote from them. Indeed, they got many ceiling fan designs to choose from and i am very impressed with their rates and service. Keep up the superb work guys.
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