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5 Things You Need To Consider Before Buying Ceiling Fans And Installation Guide

A fan gives you relief from the sultry summer and is a must-have for every home. It may look a tad difficult to choose from hundreds of ceiling fans (since they come in a wide variety) but you can make the task easier if you know exactly what you are looking for.

Buying Ceiling Fans And Installation Guide

Here are a few things you need to consider before buying them:

1. The height of the ceiling:
One of the prior things to consider will be the height of the ceiling. There are basically two types of fans- the hugger fans and the ones with down-rods. If the height of your walls is small, then the hugger fan is preferable, since it won't hang down and would stay close to the ceiling, thereby according to complete safety. There are some modern day households where the height of the ceiling is barely 10 feet or even less. Getting down-rod fans installed in such rooms can be risky. On the other hand, if your ceiling's height is quite good, then you should opt for the down-rod fans so that the air can easily reach the residents below. Hugger fans may not give out sufficient air in these cases. Alternatively, you can also install paddle fans.

2. The size of the blade:

Another important point that you need to consider is the size of the blade. The amount of air circulated in the room is highly reliant on the blade's size. If your room is very large, say over 200 sq feet, then installing a fan of blade size of 32" will not be rewarding, since it wouldn't be able to cover the entire room. Ideally, a 200 sq feet room must have a fan with blade size of around 52". On the other hand, if you have smaller rooms of around 16-40 sq feet, then you should install ceiling fans within the size range of 24-32 inches.

3. The room factor:

You also need to consider the room factor i.e. you must brood a bit on the quality of fan you are looking for while installing it in a particular room. For instance, if you are installing a fan in your bedroom, you should spare more thought and money to get high-quality, silent fans and even the remote-controlled ones, if possible. On the other hand, for garages and other less frequented rooms, you can even do with paddle fans or with inexpensive ceiling fans.

Buying Ceiling Fans And Installation Guide

4. Budget:

Your budget will automatically come into play when you buy these priceless assets. Though now-a-days, it is very much possible to install the most sophisticated-looking interior & Casablanca fans, you can also get a very impressive set of fans for a low budget. Good website stocks all kinds of branded products including the latest paddle fans to help you choose from the lot. Prices are reasonable and the quality is very satisfying. It is deeply recommended that you purchase branded fans.

5. Looks vs. price:

While purchasing interior or Hunter ceiling fans, you may have to wage a mental battle in choosing between looks and cost. It is ideal to go for a combination of good looks and medium-range costs.

Home Improvement Guide on How to Install a Ceiling Fan

In this home improvement guide, you will learn how to install a ceiling fan. Fans that are hung from the ceiling have a high level of functionality. However, these units also add decorative appeal to the room that they are located in. Ceiling fans can be used in both the winter and the summer in order to control the air flow within a particular room so that energy usage can be drastically reduced. When you purchase your fan, you will often find that it comes with a set of instructions. Naturally, it is important to ensure that you take the time to review this information for specific directions on the model that you have purchased. In this guide, you will learn the power tools that are required to complete the job, and the steps that must be taken to install a ceiling fan in your home.

A) Materials Required

In order to successfully install a ceiling fan in your home, it is important to realize that there are certain materials required. As with any home improvement project, the materials will vary based on the size of the room, the ceiling fan kit that is purchased, the electrical makeup of your home, and factors similar in nature.

Buying Ceiling Fans And Installation Guide

The following list identifies standard materials you may require for your project:

- It is important to ensure that you have purchased a ceiling fan kit.
- You should have a specific outlet box for the unit.
- It is important to have a power tool based screwdriver with a slotted, and Philips tip. There are some projects that may require a flat tip.
- It is a good idea to have wire cutters and a few wire nuts on hand. Electrical tape may also prove to come in handy.
- A good sturdy step ladder or a standard six to eight-foot ladder is likely to come in handy on this particular home improvement project.
- Having certain tools available such as a wrench that adjusts, and a pair of pliers is a positive move.
- Remember, when engaging in home improvement projects, be sure to protect yourself! You can successfully do this by wearing protective eye goggles, masks that prevent dust and other air contaminants into the nasal cavity and the mouth, and even gloves to protect your hands from abrasive wires may come in handy.

B) Installing the Ceiling Fan

Now that you have all of the materials and any type of power tool that will assist you in installing a ceiling fan, it is time to actually perform the work.

The following steps indicate those required to successfully complete this home improvement project:

1. The first step is to install the bracket that will mount the ceiling fan to the ceiling. Remember to ensure that the power is cut off from the breaker box so that you do not get electrocuted. You will need to place the outlet box in the ceiling. Generally, these units are already in place. For the purpose and intent of this article, we will go with the fact that there is already an outlet box established in the ceiling. Simply use the power tool that you got for the job - the electric screwdriver - and bolt the mount to this outlet box.

2. Next, you must install the download that came with the ceiling fan that you purchased. This is the stem that hangs from the mount and connects to the fan.

3. Now, bring the wires down and place them in the housing for the fan motor and secure the housing appropriately.

4. Once the housing has been tightened down, simply attach the fan blade bases around the circumference of the housing.

5. The last step to installing a ceiling fan is to install the blades on the blade bases that you have installed around the fan motor housing.

Once you complete the steps for the home improvement project of installing a ceiling fan, turn the power back on at the electrical box and turn the unit on. Enjoy your new, functional, and highly appealing ceiling fan!

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