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7 Easy Steps To Install A Ceiling Fan

For any room, a ceiling fan is a functional and a stylish addition. Almost every house in this world has a ceiling fan. Everyone purchases a good quality ceiling fan that provides a quality air into the room. But some people in this world face a lot of problems finding an electrician to install the fan in the ceiling. Now the main question arises, how to install a ceiling fan? To install in the ceiling, fans should be of good quality as low quality fan can cause many problems in the future period. If your room already has a ceiling outlet, then like any other ceiling fixture, ceiling fan has the same wiring. If you are getting an electrician, but you want the fun of installing a ceiling fan, then hire him to install the overhead box and wires across the ceiling. Here are the following steps to install a ceiling fan.

Install Ceiling Fan

Step 1 - Choosing the appropriate size of the ceiling fan

As you know that the size of the ceiling fan must be adapted to the room. It measures the size of the room in its longest stretch. If this is 3.6 meters (12 feet) or less, the fan must have a maximum diameter of 92 cm (36 inches). If the room is 3.6 to 4.5 meters (about 12 to 15 feet), the appliance can be up to 107 cm (42 "); and if the gap measures 4.5 to 5.4 meters (15 to 18 feet), possibly with 106 cm (52 '').

Step 2 - Power should be turned off at circuit panel or fuse

Before installing a ceiling fan you should turn off the power to be safe. This is very much necessary as safety should be your first priority. You may find that the ceiling box has several pairs of wires. Except for the one you are working on for ceiling fan, there is a chance that other wires will be wired to circuits. Hence, before you install the ceiling fan, the power of the whole house should be turned off with the help of a tester. In this way you will be safe and all the power of your house will be cut off providing a clean path to install the fan.

Step 3 - Removing the light bulb or cover from the fixture

Before installing the fan, remove any light bulbs or bulb cover from the fixture. By holding the fixture base to the ceiling box, the screws should be unscrewed. Standard ceiling box shouldn't be used and this is also prohibited by the National Electrical Code (NEC). This is because the ceiling fans are heavy and installing it in a low standard ceiling box may cause accidents. Always check the installation instructions of the manufacturer before purchasing the fan and the electrical ceiling box that is approved should be purchased.

Step 4 - Removing the wires

There are two or three colors of wires in the ceiling box, namely white that is neutral, black that is hot and green, if present is grounded. Remove the wire nuts or electrical tape by lowering the fixture base. From the existing ceiling box the wires should be disconnected and then it should be removed. The incoming cables to the box are secured by the cable clamp screw and this should be loosened first. Then, if possible, working from above, remove the box. Or you can also remove any screws or nails that are accessible and responsible for its attachment to the frame.

Install Ceiling Fan

Step 5 - Installing the hanger bar and ceiling box

There are holes left in the ceiling of the old electrical box and most of the hanger bars are installed in this hole by pushing them through it. Once the hanger bar is through the hole completely, it should be rotated until the ceiling joists and the hanger bar are perpendicular to each other. Until the bar engages the ceiling joists, it will expand. There are sharp steel pins in the hanger bar and when there is an expansion in the hanger bar, these pins dig into the wood joists. After this the special ceiling box should be attached to the hanger bar which will lock the box in its place and a secure base will be provided for the fan.

Step 6 - Assemble the fan

While attaching the wires, support is required as you know that ceiling fans are heavy. In most of the models a some sort of mechanism is provided below the ceiling box so that you can suspend the fan and attach the wires with no effort. If this sort of mechanism is not provided in your fan, then in order to attach the wires you need a helper who will hold the fan while you are attaching the wires.

There is a slight variation in wiring from fan to fan. It depends on whether the fan is speed control or light control. There is no variation in the installation of a standard light fixture and a ceiling fan. Attach the matching wires to the wires of the ceiling box with the help of wire nuts. White should be connected to the white one of the ceiling box and the same goes to the black one or some other color if provided. If there is a green ground wire, then it should be attached to the box's bare wire.

Step 7 - Completing the installation

After the fan is assembled and the wires are attached to the ceiling box, tighten up some screw to completely attach the fan to the ceiling box. After this the fan blades and the trim should be installed as instructed in the manual by the manufacturer. After all of this done, power should be turned on and the installation should be tested. Stand in a safe place, away from the fan, and activate it in their different speeds, proving that it works well, without strange noises, and that it does not wobble or vibrate when doing so. If you find any sort of misalignment in the assembly, then fix it and it is very easy and won't take much time.

These are the easy steps to install a ceiling fan in your room with a very small amount of effort. If you are thinking to install a ceiling fan in your house, then follow these easy steps to complete the installation in the best possible way.

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