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How Does Ceiling Fan Cools Down A Room?


Ideally, if you make a random visit to people’s homes or offices, you will definitely realize that most people are already using ceiling fans. Well, are you that person who simply love to have a ceiling fun installed in your room or office? As a matter of fact, living in areas whose climatic conditions are hot and humid such as most parts of Singapore, you will find that it is quite necessary for people to purchase and install the above devices so as to provide cooling effects in their living environment or just to lower the temperature of that area to bearable limits (especially in an area which is enclosed).

The good news is that, recent technology has come up with ultimate solutions; it has unveiled some amazing variety of gadgets that cools down the temperature of a room. These devices include standing fans, air conditioners, and ceiling fans. Equally, some people have creatively come up with some traditional way of cooling down themselves; they do so by use of a hand-made fan. Isn’t quite interesting? Nonetheless, this article is set to comprehensively analyze one of the oldest and traditional cooling down gadget, which has been in use from time immemorial and it is still in use up to now. This gadget is none other than the mighty celling fan!

How Ceiling Fan Work?

Ideally, it is quite hard to convince an individual to buy and install a ceiling fan if he/she does not know how it works. In other words, that person has to know exactly how the amazing gadgets benefits him/her in respect to cooling down a room. Indeed, one of the most common question asked by many people interested in acquiring a gadget that lowers the temperature of room is: how does a ceiling fan cools down a room?

Well, if the above has been your concern, then worry no more since this article as amazingly good news for you as it unveil a stepwise explanation of how the above device works. However, before going in depth explaining the functionalities of a ceiling fan, it good for readers to know something about the origin of the mighty gadget. In this regard, the following section trace its history:

Brief history of a ceiling fan

A ceiling fan is a mechanical fan, which is mainly powered by an electrical energy. In most cases, the above gadget is suspended from the room’s ceiling. Indeed, ceiling fans have been in use as long as there is electricity. However, did you know that ceiling fans actually go back a lot further than you thought? Research has shown that ceiling fans have been in use as far back as the Greeks, Roman Empire, and even the Ancient Egypt. During that time, they were manpower operated. Needless to say, the first ceiling fan appeared in the United States in the early 1860s and 1870s.

Since then, the popularity of ceiling fans has been increasing tremendously and nowadays, it is used throughout the world. In this regard, Singapore is never exceptional, and you will realize that ceiling fans are still common sights in most people’s facilities. In fact, as you walk around coffee shops, some traditional shop houses, hawker centers, and some individual’s homes, you will see some of the above gadgets doing some good work.

How a ceiling fan cools down a room

Despite the fact that the above gadget has been in use from time immemorial, very few people know the mechanism of its operation and how it cools doom a room. Indeed, many people have a little piece of knowledge about how it works; they just know that what you need to do is switch on the power button.’ As soon as power is on, the blades will start to rotate, which will in turn release cool air and cool breeze. If you need to change the fan’s strength, you just need to adjust the knob. Superficially, the above theory appears like this to many individuals. So, how does ceiling fan work exactly?

Well, it turns out that the above basic piece of knowledge is a good guess and it can be taken to be a good approximation of how ceiling fans work. Indeed, the above superficial theory is a pretty awesome summary as to how the above gadget operates. The truth of the matter is that a ceiling fan is made of several key components, which include the power source (which works as a switch), the fan blades, and the motor. When the switch button is pressed on, an electric current will be produced, which will travel to the fan motor. As an electric current flows near the fan motor, magnetic induction will occur that generates magnetic field. This generated field will exert a magnetic force on the motor. The electrical energy in the motor is converted into mechanical energy. This energy is transferred to the fan coils that is attached to the blades, which makes the coils to move. Indeed, as the coils begin to move, the result is that blades will start to move as well, and that is what we usually see-that is the spinning of the fan’s blades. As the blades rotates/spins, it will create something called air draught, a phenomena which makes hot air to rise and cool air to sink. This allows those who are under the ceiling fan to feel a cool fresh breeze. It is important for readers to understand that a ceiling fan does not lower the temperature of the surrounding area just like what an air conditioner does. However, the above gadget causes cool breeze and improves air circulation within an enclosure.


The above overview is a comprehensive analysis on how a ceiling fan does its work. Since knowledge is power, it is very important to known more than the layman understanding of how the above gadget works. Therefore, if you read through the above content, you will be placed in a better position and equipped with in depth knowledge in regard to ceiling fan operation. This knowledge will be great if you are planning to buy and install the above gadget in your home or office.

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