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Why You Need a Professional for Installing Ceiling Fans

  Summers can be uncomfortable and sticky in Singapore and therefore there is a need to cool our mind and body. While air conditioning are efficient in keeping the homes and offices cools, it may not be possible to use them round the clock. With soaring energy costs, an air conditioner that runs 24 hours would most certainly leave a big hole in the pockets. It is therefore not surprising that there is a growing demand for ceiling fans in Singapore. Good quality ceiling fans throw cool breeze and could also help the inhabitants to sleep well during the night. However, the ceiling fan installation has to be done carefully. Though many would recommend using DIY method for installing ceiling fans, it would be better to hire professionals to do the job. We are listing down a few reasons why hiring a good professional would make sense if you wish to install a ceiling fan.

Installing Ceiling fan


Safety is an important factor to be considered when installing ceiling fans or for that matter any electrical fixture. When you hire professionals to do the job, you can be sure that he will take all the precautions as far as handling of residential and commercial electrical systems are concerned. If you do the job on your own, you run the risk of connecting the wrong wires. The connection may also be done improperly or loosely. This could result in shocks and if the fan blades are not fixed properly, they could fall from a height exposing the inmates to injuries.


When you choose reputed electricians or companies, they will most certainly offer warranties for all works including fan installation. Each and every process will be gone through meticulously and nothing will be left to chance. This is because if something goes wrong the company or the individual becomes liable for breach of warranty. Compensations to the customers could be quite expensive and therefore they will take all care to ensure that the ceiling fan installation is done perfectly well without any hiccups. In case something happens, they will be willing to stand by the warranty terms and conditions and therefore the interests of the customers will be protected at all times.

Correct Installation of Ceiling Box

Not all ceiling boxes are the same and this would vary from one fan to another. As a layman, it is quite possible that we may not be aware of the same. If we try to do the job on our own, we may end up installing the wrong ceiling boxes. This will most certainly damage the ceiling and the overall safety factor will also be impacted quite a bit. When you have professionals doing the job, they will be able to identify the exact ceiling box and make sure that it is supported adequately and properly.

You Save Time

When you have an expert doing the job for you, you can be sure that they will carry out the task quite well and do it efficiently too. We are all living in a busy world today and therefore we need somebody who can handle jobs like ceiling fan installations speedily. Since qualified electricians know the job thoroughly, they will be able to complete the entire installation process quite well. It should not take more than 10 to 15 minutes for installing a ceiling fan if everything is fine. This compares very favorably with DIY ways of ceiling fan installation which could take a lot of time and could even drag on for a few hours.

Peace of Mind

Installing a ceiling fan with the help of a professional most certainly gives you peace of mind. You can stay away from stress and tension associated with the entire process of installation. You could have a lurking fear in the back of your mind, if you try DIY tricks without knowing the subject matter fully fell. However, once the job is handed to professionals, they certainly would be able to a much better job of it.

Installing Ceiling fan

They Are Qualified And Experienced

Becoming a qualified electrician is not easy and one has to go through accreditation only after which they will get licenses. This involves many months and years of learning and training on-the-job. They also will be required to attend various workshops, trainings and leading to various certifications. Once they have the certification, they most certainly would have reached certain set standards.

The Final Word

Hence, when it comes to installing a ceiling fan, it does make lot of sense to hire professionals for the job instead of trying DIY ways and means of doing it.
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